IT should be titled KILL TOTO

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  • SheilaM

    Xjw mentione that he and Calamity have a cairn terrier. I have one also a brindle. I really feel if they had researched the breed, the movie "The wizard of oz" would have been titled KILL TOTO LOL She is a demon. They think they own the whole neigborhood. SHE NIps me in the ass LOL

  • xjw_b12

    LOL. Sounds like CJ speaking !

    SheilaM. We did do a lot of research before we got Jake, the TOTO look-alike. They seemed to be one of the more stable purebreads, when comparing things like health problems, etc.

    Of course being a Carin, the first thing he started to do was dig, then he would dig, then he would dig more. We finally managed to train him, not to do it in our yard, but he came to understand, it was OK while out camping, I just had to fill in all the holes.

    We made a mistake with him, though, and I'll post this in the hope of warning others. Because he was a purebred, and we were not concerned about "his papers" we agreed to have him fixed. THAT was a mistake. After the operation, he seemed to lose a bit of his personality, AND he developed a skin condition, where he flakes and loses tufts of hair, due to his rubbing and scratching.

    We pretty well have it under control, (special diet) but he has to be bathed more than should be required, and he has become what you would call a "high maintenance" dog.

    But I love him, and he's our youngest daughters pet, so were stuck with him, BUT CJ, on the other hand.........................

  • SheilaM

    XJW:The skin condition wasn't from having him fixed nor the change in personality. YOU really would have your hands full if you hadn't fixed him. When I went to the vet they said the skin condition is normal with Cairns. Mox actually pulls tufts of her hair out more if I don't use the razor on her to thin her coat.

    OF course he digs they are dogs that will find anything in a hole. She is helpful when I need to plant something thought LOL

    I couldn't git rid of Moxie because anyone I gave or sold her to would put her DOWN ROFLMAO

    Tell CJ that she has my deepest sympathy


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