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    Looking at the Watchtower literature from 1937 and 1939 it becomes quite clear that Salter’s information about Rutherford really had hit a nerve. Particularly in 1937 there was a lot of damage control to do. I have so far looked at one such in the Watchtower of May 15. 1937 and it is very interesting. Apparently Salter had through a contact in Brooklyn sent out a letter to most of the ”companies” (congregations) in Canada on official Watchtower paper. The Watchtower article thus starts with the following:

    Re Salter’s letter: The following telegram was: sent from this Office on, Saturday morning to each large company in Canada:

    “Salter's letter and instruction not from Society. . . Fraudulent, Ignore it.”
    The Watchtower, May 15. 1937, page 159.

    After this follows a report from a meeting held in the Toronto Company about Salter.
    It is interesting to note that in those days they involved the whole congregation is such séances and that they were much more unsophisticated and less secretive about everything. The treatment this matter got during this meeting gives a very good insight in the old Watchtower tradition of not having any interest whatsoever in facts and truth. Salter wasn’t present and no one was really allowed to speak for him. A friend of Salter A. F. Cameron told those present that he had read the letter and that they should deal with the points it raised. In typical Watchtower tradition this was rejected and in the same tradition Cameron was subjected to a vicious personal attack. The points Salter raised in his letter to Rutherford would be impossible to deal with because it showed President Rutherford as he really was.
    As always the only thing interesting was blind loyalty to the “organization”. Anyway read for yourself:

    “April 12, 1937
    On Saturday evening a meeting was arranged and the following were present: The servant of companies, his assistant, Brother Sinclair a faithful brother who has been long associated with the Toronto company and myself. It was decided that the following afternoon at the time of the assembly of ail the units for service discussion, a motion be introduced to disfellowship W. F. Salter from the Toronto company.
    Sunday afternoon at the service meeting I was in the chair, and toward the end of the meeting the position was laid before the brethren of whom there would be between 300 and 400 assembled The envelope with the Society 's address and, the printed letter to yourself from Salter were displayed, and the covering unsigned instructions were read to the company so that the brethren should realize the wickedness of those who were responsible for this, action. Many of the elder, brethren expressed their disgust at such an action. Brother Sinclair then came forward and read to the church the matter prepared. A copy of this is enclosed.
    Someone in the hall then raised the question whether Brother Salter was present, and the chairman stated that if he were he would be able to hear for himself what was being said, and if he were not, he would be notified.
    A. G. Cameron, former company servant and friend of Salter, raised his voice in favor of the latter, stating amongst his remarks, “I know the article in question; I have read it, and read it carefully. It is true that Brother Salter has challenged Brother Rutheford to answer it point by point, and I now challenge you, Brother Chapman, to answer it point by point and deal with it faithfully, because I firmly believe that the church has arrived at the crossroads. Up to this day we have all followed men, blind leaders of the blind and all making to the ditch. It cannot be denied that as an organization we have been mistaken in the past many times, and it cannot be denied that we are mistaken now:” To this the answer was given from the chair: “l am glad you have shown yourself at last Brother Cameron. It has taken you twelve months to show yourself in your true colors.” The whole company evidenced their agreement by an unusual outburst 'of clapping.
    Pointed remarks where then made by Brother Guest regarding Salter, showing that for at least three years he had not been in harmony with the organization. A sister in the rear of the hall (afterwards confirmed to be Salter’s former stenographer) asked if she might speak. It was ruled by the chairman, however that the brothers were capable of dealing with the matter. Other brothers then expressed themselves in no uncertain way regarding their attitude toward this scheme to hurt the Lord's people. Cameron endeavored to hold the floor again no doubt trying to regain something he had lost. The time was getting on and there had been ample discussions to clearly show what was the mind of the church on the motion, and therefore the chairman did not give permission for him to speak further. Cameron shouted out several times and refused to recognize the ruling of the chair. The company was then appealed to by the chairman as to whether they wanted to hear Cameron or not, and they replied with a great shout “No”

    Brother Sinclair was then called upon to again read and move the resolution. It was seconded, and the whole church were in favor, with the exception of three, dissenting votes. These were Cameron, his daughter and G. Richardson. The meeting then closed. This morning the servant of companies is sending a copy of the resolution passed by the church to W. F. Salter by registered mail, so that we will be sure he receives it.” The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159.

    As we can see Cameron was no doubt a decent and courageous man and genuinely disturbed by the horrible injustice, but he was like so many before and after him, very naive. It is also almost amusingly predictable the way they mention the woman in the back of the hall, who wanted to speak, but of course, first of all she was a woman, and the later confirmed fact that she had once been Salter’s stenographer automatically robbed her of all credibility anyway. We should all fall down on our knees and be grateful that the “worldly” courts don’t operate this way.

    Then follows a copy of the resolution accepted by the Toronto Company:

    Almost a year ago the Society's president, Brother Rutherford saw fit to remove from office one to whom for years had looked with confidence for leadership in the Lord’s work here in Toronto. At the time, and subsequently through The Watchtower and Year Book for 1937, the principles underlying this course of action and the reason for it were expressed. At the time that the change of servant took effect many in our midst looked for some word from the brother discharged to indicate sorrow, repentance or reformation in his attitude toward the Society and brethren. Since that time, many others have patiently waited for some statement tending to clear the situation Many have wondered as to the course of action to take. Thus far, no public acknowledgment has been made. In the last month or two, Brother Rutherford has quietly made arrangements for the greatest and strangest campaign against the enemy organization that has ever been undertaken under the Lord's direction. On the eve of that campaign the Devil has seen fit to throw (as he thought) a bombshell into our midst, and we, as well as others, are in receipt of printed matter to be read among and disseminated among the brethren and purporting to be sent by the Society. Associated with this literature is the name of W. P. Salter. Needless to say, a serious consideration of this matter would, to say the least, lead to doubt and dissension among the brethren.
    I therefore move the following resolution:

    “That in view of the facts set forth above, we, the company Jehovah's Witnesses in Toronto and vicinity, failing to receive in the course of the next seven days, in writing, a clear statement of sorrow, repentance and reformation from the brother, do hereby disfellowship'' the one known as Brother W. F. Salter.” The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159.

    After this, the Watchtower prints some of the worst, boot licking, butt kissing and sucking up to, I have ever read in the English language. It is written by an apparently professional “nodder and yes-man”, P. Chapman who had been brought over from London to take over as manager in Canada, after Salter. Read for yourself:

    “April 16, 1937
    To hand this morning is a further letter published by Salter. It was forwarded by Brother Hersee, who is at present doing a little pioneer work in Port Huron. I am forwarding this to you immediately in case it has not yet been brought to your attention. This is the first one to come to our notice. I feel compelled to write a word to you that you may know of my love for you. It has been my privilege to work in the Society’s Office, for the last fourteen years, and during that time I have grown to truly love you because you magnify Jehovah’s name. Year after year your fearlessness in boldly facing all manners of opposition to publicly hold forth the Word of life, in exposing the Devil’s schemes and all forms of false worship in the church as well as out of it, in assisting Jehovah’s anointed and the people of good will, is complete testimony to your unselfish devotion to Jehovah, and that his favor, protection and blessing is with you in its fullness.
    Your love for the brethren has been demonstrated over and over again by considering their needs. This is true, not only concerning the pioneers, but also toward the Bethel family in London, with whom I was privileged to associate and serve for many years. Your stay at the Bethel home in London was always a joy to look forward to. We knew you had our interests at heart, and you never spared yourself to find ways and means to show your love for us, and make us happy in the Lord and in his service. This is without contradiction. It has been my experience to know you as an elder brother; yes and time and time again as a father and true counselor.
    Again I repeat that I love and respect you as the president of the Society, because Jehovah has honored you with his great service. I know from personal experience that you are true, just and full of love for Jehovah and his people, who are your brethren.
    The Bethel family also go on record as declaring their love for you, and that not out of hearsay, but out of close association with you. I am pleased to enclose with my own above declaration the one sent from the whole Bethel family.
    Your brother and servant in the Lord,
    P. Chapman
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159-60.

    After this we get some more nauseating boot licking worship of Rutherford. First from the Bethel family in Toronto, who really felt the need for a major CYA operation and went into grovel mode in no uncertain manner:

    Twelve months ago you saw fit to remove form office W. F. Salter, who had been reported to you as not being loyal to the organization, and now, after 12 months, he has clearly shown his hand as being against the Lord the Society and yourself. Therefore, we, the Bethel family at Toronto, make known the following:
    That for years W. F. Salter showed himself to be thoroughly selfish, egotistical, and had an undue sense of his own importance. He had not been loyal to you nor to the organization. From the platform and in private conversation, he would consistently try to undermine your influence in the minds if the friends, and impress them with his own ideas. Also that for years he questioned that which came from the Watch Tower, questioned the evidence of the Lord’s being at His temple, and endeavored to put doubts into the minds of the brethren as to Jehovah and Christ Jesus being our teachers. For this man now to pose as loving the Lord and his people clearly marks him as a hypocrite and a liar. Therefore we go on record that our full devotion is toward the Lord and the interests of his kingdom. Not only have we full confidence in the Lord that He is directing His organization and His work, but also that He has placed you in charge of the direction of the earthly affairs of His people.
    This family is now at unity, whole-hearted in Jehovah’s service, and now dwells in peace, and unanimously sends this statement to you.
    With our warm love to you, we are,
    Your Bethel family at Toronto.”
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 160.

    Then followed a more “normal” declaration of loyalty from an assembly:

    “Thankful to Jehovah

    Dear Brother Rutherford
    Jehovah’s publishers at the Victoria (B.C.) assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses take this opportunity of publicly expressing to Jehovah our appreciation and thankfulness for the privilege of declaring his great name; carrying his message to the people of good will and exposing the wicked Roman Catholic Hierarchy and those allied with them. We wish to convey to you our expression of loyalty and faithfulness to the Society, the visible organization of Jehovah. We are thankful to Jehovah for The Watchtower, bringing to us the food convenient and the necessary instructions that we maintain our integrity. We are encouraged by our own loving zeal and courageous example in declaring Jehovah’s judgments and exposing every part of Satan’s wicked organization.” With confidence we look to the complete overthrow of Satan’s organization and the vindication of the great and glorious name of Jehovah. This resolution was adopted by all present.”
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 160.

    As we can see, the whole thing was about loyalty to the organization. Like when Stalin was rooting out disloyal elements in the Soviet Union, people was falling over each other, competing in declaring themselves the most loyal, this was also the case in the Watchtower Society. Not a pretty sight. That anyone can ever think of this organization as having anything to do with God is beyond me.


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