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  • Steel

    Once you woke up did see mockery?

    From the memorial to the new world translation to the general stupid things said in the hall it seems like some bizzaro world where some supernatural entity controls everything in an attempt to mock god.


    You`re assuming there`s a God?..

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I know what you're saying, and yes, I see it all the time. It's really just the stupidity actually.

  • Steel

    So no one has ever went to the memorial and felt liked they were at slayer concert.

    When i was younger i had an interest in the occult. Not that wanted to practice it ,i just thought it was interesting. The more i learned the majority of it wasnt actually rooted in devil worship, it was just extreme atheism rooted in mockery of all things Christian.

    I kind of see the same things rooted in the wts .

  • steve2

    Truly, the most laughable aspect of religious life is it's god awful earnestness. JWs are in good company when it comes to their insufferable earnestness. I have seen it wherever and whenever religious people pick up their holy books and quote their favourite texts. The dead seriousness is ripe for mockery.

  • Steel

    I have seen so called bible studies centered around a single verse only found in the nwt, usually something trying to disprove the diety of christ.

    It makes me feel i am in the god damm exorcist.

    Yeah i do believe in the devil.

  • kairos

    My dub wife was listening in the other night.
    I was able to hear some of the JW comments.

    It literally made me want to cry.
    They are all wasting their lives.

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