Close call tonight thanks to some party girls....

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  • Jourles

    Yours truly almost got busted tonight by a couple of our resident board apostate party girls. LUCKY for me, I just happened to be doing some work tonight before going to bed, quick work that I would normally do during the day sometime tomorrow.(I just figured what the hell and get it done now)

    Well, what do you know. My cell phone rings a little before 1am with a 218 area code showing. I'm thinking, "Either this is a wrong number that is waaaaay off or else someone has had a little to drink tonight and made good on their promise about calling me during the weekend." Playing it very cool I switched on my business voice. All I could hear on the other end was a huge crowd talking...(had to be a very busy bar). And then Jojo the Monkeywhore says hello and asked me if I knew who it was calling. Umm, I cannot say "hello" back in a buddy buddy pal pal voice mind you. I have to fake it being a work call now. So in my best fake, but nice and professional tone of voice, I tell her to hang on a second until my wife turns off the TV and goes away. God, the volume was UP on my phone so the background of noise coming from their hangout was blaring from my earpiece. When my wife came over to say goodnight, I must have left an impression on my chest from firmly pressing my phone into it trying to muffle the sound. Not only that, but when she left my computer area, she hung around for like another minute for no apparent reason before going upstairs to bed.

    By then, Eyegirl was now on the phone saying something to the effect that she would be able to deduct this call on her taxes since I was a phone guy or something. I think that is what she said. I couldn't just chat with her, but instead, I played it like I was talking with our NOC center and said I would "get right on it and fix the problem."

    Jeez, nothing like talking with some apostate women at 1am while your wife is in the same room well within earshot. I think my heart rate went up about 30 bps when I saw the number come across my caller-id. I didn't know who it was, but in the back of my mind, I knew exactly who it was.

    Please please please, to anyone who I've given my number to, please don't call me in the evenings or on the weekends. During the week during normal business hours only PLEASE. For god's sake, that is one way to give me a heart attack!

  • Aztec

    Jourles, be very glad you haven't given me your phone number. I've called many a person late at night, not realizing how late it actually was. Damned insomnia..LOL! ~Aztec PS you have a pm :)

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