Organized Mail-Outs To The Society.

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  • shamus

    What would everyone think about flooding the society once a week, for as long as it takes about their bloodguilty actions in regard to their sexual abuse coverup? If you were to think about it.... getting 500 letters from individuals EVERY WEEK would certainly get their attention, would it not?

    Obviously, there would be many details to be worked out... I think that a generic letter, that you could cut, paste, and print out would be excellent. This would get their attention rather quickly, I would say. Opening 500 letters per week would be a pain in the arse, wouldn't you say?

    I would welcome anyone's thoughts / opinions / criticisms. I don't know if this has been done before, but sounds like one hell of an idea in theory.

    If we could get others from other discussion boards on board, we could raise it to an astronomical number.... one could only imagine what would happen.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    There was a mailout last year by an 'underground' remenant of this board.

  • gitasatsangha

    What would be the goal of such a mail out? And what would its chance of success in reaching that goal be?

  • shamus

    I would say that the goal would be to bug the bleep out of the WT society, until they come clean and admit their wrongs. It sounds far fetched, but I feel a little silly just posting here on the board sometimes, saying how much they suck. (no offence, anyone.... ok? )

    Word would certainly get out about how much mail they're getting, and how they're doing nothing about it. It may get some people thinking..... Hell, I think it's worth $2.00 per month...

  • gitasatsangha

    A letter writing campaign to the JWs would have no effect at all (unless maybe a majority of active JWs also write letters, but that isn't going to happen and everyone knows it isn't.) Press attention and direct legal action seem to have a shot of having some affect though.

    In their own methods, which are somewhat different from silentlambs, I think the AJWRB was able to have some affect about the blood issue, even though the WTS made a hidden reply to them in one of their magazines about their being "no reform" of god's society on earth.

  • shamus

    That is true.... but, it could be just one more pressure tactic.

    I dunno. Maybe I am talking out of my butt here... If the thread dies, maybe that's the answer I was looking for.

    It would be cool, though. Have 500 letters arrive every week asking them what they're doing about the sexual abuse cases, and how much we are disgusted by it, after all the years they laughed at the Catholic Church. They just disgust me so much sometimes.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The society has a habit of hiding its dirty laundry from the members. Getting 500 letters a week would not phase them. Just one more thing to hide. The only thing that even gets a bit of a heads up is when the public learn of the problems.

    Letters writing campaings seem to work best if outsiders begin looking at the problems - seems to have something to do with a little bit of tarnish on their squeeky clean reputation

    Even those who would be opening those 500 letters that come in every week would be swore to secrecy about the complaints so no one would really ever know. In fact they probably would hit the circular file as soon as they were identifies as complaints.

    I also doubt that people would be willing to send a letter a week for however long just to annoy some poor slave volunteer in the email department. Plus they might not want a JW banging on their door or a subpeona for harassment from WT lawyers (return addresses you know)

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