When Jehovah gets verbal

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  • Brummie

    Have you noticed Jehovah never speaks to the JWs (until they are leaving the Watchtower) but the devil is constantly verbal?

    they have a doubt "oh its the devil telling me to doubt the borg"

    they are tempted by the flesh "Oh its the devil telling me to yank my..."

    They think of missing a meeting "Oh its the devil telling me to miss the meeting"

    EVERYthing is the devil telling them, he's very vocal in a JW life huh.

    Now when does Jehovah get verbal?

    "erm, well I had a peaceful happy feeling when I was on the service this morning could that be Jah spirit ?"

    Now here is when Jah really got verbal with me....

    I was leaving the Watchtower and doubting where to go next, one day I walk down a street and realise I took a wrong turning and am lost. This is Jehovah symbolically telling me I have took a wrong turn in my life and I need to go back to the meetings...Jah finally got verbally louder than the devil

    During an intense mental battle with doctrine I walk into the path of a speeding car without realising I am on the road, it stops an inch away from my body and the driver yells "if you wanna die go make it less messy"...Now that is Jehovah telling me I may as well be dead because I no longer have his protection, I should go back to meetings to ammend the situation. Jehovah speaks again.

    I wait outside a public phonebox to call someone to talk to about all my doubts, the person who steps out of the phone box is a JW! This is Jehovah telling me I should only be talking to JWs about the borg and not outsiders.

    Get my point? In all my years as a JW Jehovah never got to speaking with me but when I was leaving the org he ranted on like an old lonely man or woman. Most JWs who are leaving have to contend with this mental illness or shall we call it religious fanaticism. Its an ilness that keeps them bound even longer in the WT yet It never was Jah, he's not speaking to you, he never has..

    There is no deep spiritual message in these little things that we experience when we are leaving the WTS, its just mind control. Just as it is when they make you believe its the devil constantly speaking to you when you are a JW. I think we can put it down to a mental illness enforced on us by the cult...

    They call all of the above "the mental regulating of Jehovah"....Scared yet?


  • mustang


    "Mental regulating"??? Wonder where they got this jewel?

    "Mental", as in mind or BRAIN; "regulating" as in adjusting or perhaps cleaning or WASHING?

    Whether it is the Devil speaking or Jehovah, it is always negative or harsh, in all these examples. Love? Where, what’s that?


  • Brummie

    Thanks mustang, after I posted I thought "hmmm maybe no one can relate to my madness, perhaps it was just me that used to put these spiriutal messages on events"..

    Whether it is the Devil speaking or Jehovah, it is always negative or harsh

    Thats exactly it, never a nice encouraging message always condemnation!

    brummie *the former fanaticle JW class*

  • onacruse

    Yet another example of how the WTS takes a noble idea and twists it to into something totally contrary to it's meaning. "Mental-regulating" in the Greek (nouthesia) is simply "to put into the mind, to admonish, to warn." Like the other thread you did about "our JW history":

    1 Corinthians 10:11 These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings (nouthesia) for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come.

    The idea is to learn from history, and from each other; not "to control or condemn someone's thoughts." Approval or condemnation comes from within, not from without.

    Craig ( of the "fellow former fanatic" class )

  • gitasatsangha

    I had a feelign god was telling me to go play golf instead of going out in service a few times, but that was the only time he got verbal with me as a JW.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Boy this takes me back a few years. It's nice to know someone else thought like that.

    But really, the Witnesses are a fear-based organization. Everything revolves around fear. There was always this phrase "or else" hanging in there, wasn't there?

    "Go out in service and preach, or else Jehovah holds you responsible."
    "Don't miss the meetings or else you become weak in the faith."
    "Trust in Jehovah or else you will be destroyed in Armageddon."

    It was like a hamster running in his cage. You were never going to get anywhere but you didn't dare stop out of fear. God, I am so glad to be out of that.

  • RighteousPrevail

    lots of people have lots of ideas some are of the many lies, and some are those of truth. But their is a difference between good and bad guidance you will take notice in it immediately. Quit following the direction people have set for you. How do you know what they speak is truth. No one can ever prove that, i can only suggest to follow your heart and continue believeing what it is you believe in, and dont let anyone or anything discourage you. Because when i look up at the sky the beautiful scenary, and what surrounds me was once a better place then what it is today. It wasnt meant to be like this. God does exist, because those doing good he rewards. You have a conscience use it. Lead with those who are doing great, in their awesome ways. Make everyone remember how you brought out the best in them and not the worst.

  • Brummie

    Hey RightousPrevail, WELCOME aboard.

    I was reflecting back on the way I used to think, those days are long gone! Your advice is good to anyone who is still going through it, look forward to hearing more from you.

    Thanks Craig, verry interesting, I didnt know it was nouthesia, I learned a new word and will be using it. BigTex wonder what the Greek is for "or else"? Great thoughts guys.


    edited to add *lol* at gitsa

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