My son won his first Taekwondo tournament (picture included)!

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  • Princess

    It was the kinderkicks division and he competed against one other little boy but he won first place! I am so proud of him but more importantly, he is very proud of himself. I hesitated to enter him in the contest but he wanted to so bad and the way they divide up the kids, everyone takes home a trophy. I realized it would be a huge confidence builder and was worth every penny.

    Here is Rhys holding up his trophy.

  • think41self

    Wow, great job Rhys!!!!

    And Rachel, you go girl! Those kind of confidence building activities stay with a kid for life. I'll bet there's a proud Grandma and Grandpa lurking around somewhere too.


  • Brummie

    Too cool! Congrats to him and the proud parents.


  • Mulan
    I'll bet there's a proud Grandma and Grandpa lurking around somewhere too

    We weren't there. Damn!! I forgot and then thought I had missed it, thinking it was earlier in the morning. We could have gone.

  • Princess

    It's ok mom. I didn't play it up real big, maybe I should have. We didn't even hear about it until Wednesday evening. He didn't seem to expect anyone else to come so it was fine. I probably would have asked more to come if you didn't have to pay to get in. Taekwondo can be pretty costly, they make you pay for everything after that first cheap-o month and the "free" uniform.

    Steve got the whole thing on video and I took pictures. I think he's planning on showing you the video Sunday.

  • riz

    he's so cute- look how proud he is! that's great, Princess

  • Hamas

    Thats so good to see Princess.

    Say well done for me! Anybody that starts martial art early is a good guy in my books

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