"Lies! All Lies!"

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Apply Miss Dietrich's "truth" wherever and to whomever you will . . .


  • smiddy3

    Is that a prophecy about members of the G.B. and how they will react to accusations of them being religious charlatans ,false prophets , falsely posing as a charity and obtaining tax exemptions that are not justified ,not giving back to Caesar(s) what belongs to Caesar ,reaping in Millions of dollars $$$$ in real Estate sales while claiming to be a not for profit organization ? and previously gaining XXX amount of dollars $$$$ in their printing & publishing empire that they had going for approx. 100 or more years still claiming to be a non profit organization.?

    And their have been many other scams the WTB&TS have put over their members in recent years such as the absolving existing loans to the WT Society by Congregations that would soon be finished only to impose upon them a pledge to donate the same amount of the loan indefinitely ?

    OHHH..... and let`s not forget all of the accusations that are happening around the world of Child sexual Abuse cover ups ,failure to let the appropriate authorities such as police and and other agencies know of these abuses in their congregations while they endeavour to protect their perceived image in the community.

    And protect the abuser when their are no two witnesses to verify the allegations.

    The poor child victim has no hope.

    A total failure to protect children in their own community and at the same time exposing children outside of their religion to possible abuse by the abuser in the wider community.

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Excellent coverage of lies actually told. I was thinking, too, of elders and a member of the GB before gov't officials using theocratic warfare (not even wielding the "sword of truth" very capably). Oh, along the same line of thought -- JW broadcasts "exposing" lies told by rumor-mongering apostates.

    I think you got my point.

    Many thanks.

    Edited to add: In the clip, note Ms. Dietrich's denial of knowing a certain person and writing to him. Seems so familiar a scenario.

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