Concluding--Imprisoned Ideas.

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    One moral,it would not be wholly facetious to suggest,might be that the first rule for an organization should be a rule providing for its dissolution within a limited period of time. "This Oganization shall be dissolved not later than..."

    But the deeper moral is concerned with our attitude to organization as such.The moral is that,even when we are members of an organization,our attitude to it should be one of partial detachment.We must be above it even when we are members of it.We should join it in the knowledge that there we shall have no abiding place.We should be weekly tenants,not long--leaseholders.We should accept no such commitments as would prevent our leaving it when circumstances make this necessary.We should reckon on being in almost perptual rebellion within it.

    Above all,we should regard all loyalties to organization as tentative and provisional.The whole concept of "my party,right or wrong," "my union.right or wrong," "my church,right or wrong," should be utterly alien to our thinking.

    We must be Servants of the Spirit,not prisoners of the Organization.We must keep in touch with the sources of life,not lose ourselves in its temporary vehicles.And whenever the demands of the Spirit,the categorical imperatives of the soul,conflict with the demands of the organization,it is all contained in one of the legendary sayings of Jesus,which bears all the marks of authenticity:

    This world is a bridge.Ye shall pass over it ,but ye shall build no houses upon it.

    Bivoucs.Yes! Tents. Maybe! Houses. No!

    This concludes "IMPRISONED IDEAS" by W.P.BROWN (no relationship to that other one) a member of the British Parliament who outlines the dangers of becoming a slave of institutions or organizations.

    Blueblades, no longer a slave of the wt.organization,or any other institutions.

    I hope my sharing this article with you was of help. ( btw.this is part 8 ,the last of the previous seven posted before it,so if you missed any of the others go back to the other posts.)

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