The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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  • Prisca

    I never thought it would happen but it has! Australia has shown an American programme that hasn't been shown in America yet!!! (according to the website anyway)

    The Daily Show is televised here in Australia every Saturday night on a free-to-air station called SBS. Tonight was a round-up of their best gags about the Iraqi war. Very entertaining stuff, with a bit of political bite as well. The best sketch was the George W Bush as Governor/President.

    A must-see.

  • rem

    I love the Daily Show. Not sure if I understand what you meant. We've had the Daily Show in the U.S. for years.


  • Aztec

    I love the Daily Show! It's about the only show I miss now that I don't have cable. Jon Stewart is much funnier than Craig Kilborn! ~Aztec

  • Prisca


    I meant the particular episode was shown before American time, not the show itself. The show has been on here in Oz (on free-to-air, not sure about pay tv) for the past couple of months. I like his style of humour - there's an underlying message and intelligence in the show's satire.

  • shamus

    I remember this one daily show where the "reporter" went into this cult, and was asking them all these questions about aliens, and whatnot. I nearly wizzed in my pants, it was so funny. You gotta see it to believe it...

  • OrbitingTheSun

    The Daily Show is my favorite political satire lately. SNL isn't as good as it used to be, so The Daily Show is where it's at.

    You can watch some of their bits online at this site.

  • Shakita

    Jon Stewart is a riot! Love the show!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • crownboy

    Yup, The Daily Show beats anything from the Fox News Channel.

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