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    • 1. Asking the wrong people the wrong questions in search of the wrong answers based on the wrong presuppositions.

      2. Failure to realize you can't drive without a steering wheel by facing the loss of autonomy, individualism, and self-respect.

      3. Self-righteousness in failing to acknowledge poor choices you made coupled with a lack of curiosity as to why and how you made them.

      4. Unwillingness to learn what a Category Fallacy** is in searching for the "true" religion or "correct" interpretation of scripture, etc.

      5. Blindness to the autonomic response mechanisms drilled into you by the Watch Tower Society making non-bias impossible for you. (i.e. replacing the JW's with some other nitwit scheme of absolute certainty.)

      6. Failure to let go of black and white thinking by learning how to see the gray areas between extremes. (Repair your rational thinking by constant drills.)

      7. Obsessing over the inconsequential while neglecting the essential. (Food, shelter, clothing, money, education, career, relationships, recreation---which is which? Which come first? How?)

      8. Developing the habit of surrounding yourself with people who will urge you to get out and DO something rather than holding your hand indefinitely.

      9. Learning Self-Esteem comes from what you DO and not who you think you are.

      10. Not embarking on a Self-Improvement regime every day of your life improving all skill sets equally such as Vocabulary, writing, reading, math, education, etc.

      And . . . a special bonus!

      FAILURE TO AVOID CRAZY-THINKING by spinning off on wacky reading material, conspiracies, fads, entertainment rumors, gossip, UFO's, Bigfoot, dead/alive Elvis, apocalypse speculations, food faddist lifestyles, etc.)

      (Category fallacy:

      a semantic or ontological error in which "things of one kind are presented as if they belonged to another", or, alternatively, a property is ascribed to a thing that could not possibly have that property.)

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