West Indian Goat Curry

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    This is a bit of fluff and maybe I should inlcude it in the "cookbook" thread but...

    Yesterday at supper, (it was curry night and I cook the curry), we were discussing food and I told my wife that one of my best curry memories is West Indian Curried Goat that I ate at a number times at West Indian (JW of course) weddings. After the normal reception buffet, and the wedding cake, (Traditional English sort, fruit, brandy, marzipan, and icing) these weddings included a late night serving of goat curry. I guess the enormous quantity of curry must have been cooking all day long but it tasted wonderful.

    I spent the first 10 years of my life in a inner city area of the English Midlands and attended a multi-racial school where being white was not a majority. The cong of JWs we attended was mix of white, Carribean and Greek Cypriot and even after we left the area we attended a number of weddings from the old congregation as the kids we knew and grew up with matured and married.

    If anyone has a traditional goat curry they would like to share please let me know. I have collected a number for the "net" but until I try them all I will not know if I am getting close.


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