Pat G has cancer :(

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  • Brummie

    Just received this message: Sorry if someone already mentioned it.

    Pat the woman at the silentlambs march that identified Jaracz as the man that molested her has cancer. It appears she may not have long to live


    Life is tragic sometimes

    Dont know if anyone here speaks to her or can confirm this, but either way tell her we are thinking of her and still hoping that there is a chance of removing the cancer.


  • shera

    Sad,hope there is something that can be done for her.


  • obiwan

    Man that sucks, my mother died from brain cancer.It just sucks all the way around, hasn't she suffered enough!

  • Uzzah

    Steadying the ark a little again.....

    From my understanding Pat G. was very sick even last summer during the Silent Lambs march where she made an unproven allegation of abuse against a prominent known individual, likely knowing her health would never allow her to take it to court to prove it. I think it very important not to turn an allegation into a fact (not saying anyone has done so yet), since no proof has or it seems ever will be provided in support of the claim.

    I am very sorry to hear that her health has gotten worse. After being through so much in her life to this point, having to now deal with cancer just isn't fair. She seems like a fighter and hope she rises up and fights against this as well.

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