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  • TemeculaMole

    Just curious,

    What are your views (as an ex-JW) of the 144,000 doctrine? Is it something you still beleive or have you changed your beleifs?

    Personally. I dont understand why Jesus would need 144,000 co-rulers.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hi Teme:

    I don't believe in the 144,000 the way the dubs do (but then again, I'm one of the few on the board that has never been a JW, so I really can't help you).

    Welcome to the board.... I'll btttt for someone else to answer, or you can click on "Search" above and type in 144,000 and you'll get some previous postings.

    Double Edge

  • gumby
    I dont understand why Jesus would need 144,000 co-rulers.

    Consider the source.

    The only recorded statement about this is from Revelations which is a book nobody has been able to figure out. It was given from a jewish perspective that all tied in with fleshly Isreal and it's twelve tribes. This was made into a spiritual meaning for all nations to be a part of Abrahams seed but certainly didn't mean a literal number that was from a fleshly point of view.

    All other bible passages contradict that christ would have a select number. The opportunity was opened up to all mankind and the promise would be given to ALL who recieved it's message and believed.


  • pr_capone

    The 144,000 is a lie and a joke. They are reffered to in the bible as a choir of MEN who are PURE and VIRGINS. Nuff said.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Mary

    "....They are refered to in the bible as a choir of MEN who are PURE and VIRGINS...."

    Maybe it's referring to Congress.

  • Buster

    This comes up pretty regularly here. Personally, the 144k is my favorite dubbie doctrine. It is stupid and has been ammended over time to account for unfulfilled prephecy.

  • 144001

    Fortunately, Buster, I'm 144,001, not 144,000. Jehovah granted me an arithmetic immateriality variance, so I'm on my way to ruling with the superfriends while the rest of you mortals live like peasants on earth.

  • Buster

    144k+1: "superfriends" - hilarious.

    Live like peasants? Are you kidding? We get to bring clothes to people coming out of the grave, we get to have lions for pets, we get to eat fruit all the time, we get to talk to the people that built the great pyramid (we'll ask them how they let Satan design it for them), I can only presume we get to go swimming a lot.

    What kind of ruling do you get to do? There are no bad people. Satan is locked up. You just get to float around and sing praise for millenia on end. You can have it.

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