Continuing--Imprisoned Ideas # 5

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    Next the wider the area to which the idea is introduced,the larger the circle of men and woman to whom it is propagated through the organization,the more it must be "stepped down"for propaganda purposes.The idea which gives birth to a party which wants to establish the cooperative commonwealth,must be translated into practical proposals.

    Such as the eight-hour day,the five day week,and what not,if it is to attract a mass backing.And so the organization becomes less the vehicle of the idea than a channel through which particular interests must be served.

    The service of such particular interests attracts the backing of other organized bodies more interested in the limited objectives which the organization has now adopted than in the great idea itself.

    And the pressure of such bodies is felt by the organization itself,with the result that the idea tends to retreat into the background in favor of less ambitious onjectives.In this world the Devil walks,and it is necessary to hold a candle to the Devil.(Written By W.P.BROWN.) (to be cont'd )


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