At Last, The England Captain's Latest Hair Style Revealed:

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  • Englishman


    However, GMTV had rather negative thoughts about it. Look:

    Schoolchildren who copy David Beckham's latest madcap hairstyle could end up bald and smelly, according to experts.

    Hairdressers have been inundated with requests from youngsters to mimic the braided look unveiled by England's football captain at the weekend.

    But TV doctor Hilary Jones said anyone plaiting fine hair that severely could damage it - or even lose it permanently.

    He told GMTV viewers: "The braids are so tightly pulled, you could pull the hair out of the skull...and get a nasty case of what is known as traction alopecia."

    Salon boss Trevor Mitchell agreed, saying: "If these breakages happen at the base - or follicle - the hair might not be replaced."

    Photos from England training

    He warned that the style was difficult to keep clean and could cause headaches.

    Mitchell even went as far to say Becks himself could be at risk of losing his famous locks.

    "Beckham has a fairly good head of hair, but he is receding a little and may find his hair is pulled out of the temples," the hair guru told The Sun.

    Still, at least he's always got Elton John on hand if he needs any advice.


  • StinkyPantz

    My best friend growing up was white and had "fine" hair and she constantly wore her hair this way and it's down to her butt. I like it!

  • manon

    He looks like a perfect 10 to me ala Bo Derek.

  • Reborn2002

    Cornrows do not suit his facial structure.

    Seeing a white guy with braids or cornrows is just funny to me. Can you say "trying too hard to be cool?"

    Not to make it a racial issue, but non-black men trying the Rastafarian look is just silly looking to me. It looks good on some black guys, but not white guys. However that is my opinion.

  • riz

    well i for one don't care what he does with his hair. he could be bald or have a huge afro. the bottom line is that he is one hot piece of ass!!

  • OrbitingTheSun

    There may be some truth to that for some people but, I think in this case, those are just pompous critiques of something different. I like his hair. Riz is right on it. ((((( Hi Riz! )))))

  • riz

    (((((orbit))))) hey sexy mama!! love the new pic

  • OrbitingTheSun


  • manon

    The only hairstyle(if you can call it a style) I hate to see on a man is a comb over or hair plugs.

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