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  • badboy

    What is indicated by``clouds''? Invisibility. When an plane is in a thick cloud or above the clouds,people on the ground usually cannot C it,although they may hear the roar of the engine.Jehovah told Moses;"I am coming 2 U in a dark cloud."Moses did not C God,but that cloud indicated God's presence.(Ex.19;9; C also Leviticus 16;2;Numbers 11.25.) If Christ were 2 appear visibly inthe heavens, it is obvious that not"every I" would C him.If he appeared over Australia,4 example, he would not B visible in Europe,Africa, and the Americas, would he?

    In what sense will`every I C him'?They will discern from events on earth that he is invisibly present.

    U have 2 like the logic of what they say,don't U?

  • ozziepost

    Yes indeed, badboy correctly highlights an irregularity in the WTS' logic with this teaching. If "every eye were to see him", how come only a select number would discern his invisible presence?

    Certainly looks like a contradiction.

    BTW Badboy, I C U like SMS scripting.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Gopher

    Isn't "reasoning from scriptures" an oxymoronic phrase?

    Take a mysterious book (the Bible), throw in some Watchtower "reasoning", and the mystery only gets murkier. Muddy "water of truth", anyone?

  • unique1

    Question: How can clouds represent invisibilaty when you can see them?

    So if jesus came in a cloud we wouldn't see him, but we would still see the damn cloud. So I guess Jesus is with me right now. Sure is cloudy outside.

  • Goshawk


    Instead of representing invisibility wouldn’t clouds better represent anonymity, obstruction and general vagueness?

    Just a thought.


  • Hamas

    LOL, yeah I remember reading that one.

    It's amazing how they twist things around to suit their own purposes. It makes you wonder why you were so gullible to actually believe things like that. Never mind eh.

  • peacefulpete

    The ascension where in Jesus is said to be "caught up in a cloud" and the verses that say he will return "riding on or in the clouds" have been interpreted by those familiar with the sun deity elements in the Jesus story as more cryptic references to the sun in the sky. Apollo/Apollon was the healing, miracle working Sun deity sage son of the top god Zeus. He is often pictured in artwork as riding a chariot thru the clouds with the sun behind his head. This might explain the odd phrase, "coming ON the clouds" as Matt. words it.

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