Continuing-Imprisoned Ideas # 4

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  • Blueblades

    Similar illustrations could be drawn from all fields of life.But these two will suffice to demonstrate the truth which I am here concerned.It is that,the idea having given birth to the organization,the organization develops a self-interest which has no connection with and becomes inimical to,the idea with which it began.

    Now ,the thing which permits this process of diversion to take place,so that the organization comes to stand for the opposite of the idea which originally inspired it,is the tendency in men and women to become Prisoners of the Organization,instead of being servants of the spirit.

    In this tendency there are many elements.There is the sense that you cannot run an organization without becoming its prisoner.Organization has its own necessities,in the interests of which the original idea has to be somewhat qualified.

    As soon as the idea passes from the unmanifested and embodies itself in the actual,it begins to be invaded by what the poet called "the world's slow stain."

    In this there need be no concious infidelity on the part of the leaders.Better,they may well argue,that the great idea should remain a mere idea in vacuo.Better half the idea loaf than no bread at all. ( to be cont'd )


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