Anyone From Kentucky? Time for a bath!

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  • Stephanus

    Apparently in Kentucky it is on the state statute books that every Kentuckian must bathe at least once a year. Anyone from Kentucky about to fulfill that legal requirement soon?

  • Been there
    Been there

    WoW I almost forgot..........................Thanks for reminding me Steph. I have it marked on my calendar. That reminds me of my Grandpa. My Granny would drag him kicking and screaming every Saturday evening for a bath. (he was Canadian)

    Seriously, I haven't had a bath in a couple years. My tub is too small for a good bath.

  • Stephanus

    Here's an enlightening site:

    From above page:

    D etroit, Michigan: An ordinance prohibits sitting in the middle of the street to read a newspaper.
    L os Angeles, California: It is prohibited for a wife to be beaten with a leather strap wider than two inches except with her written permission.
    A tlanta: Sorry, you can't tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
    B oston, Massachusetts: Mourners at a wake must not eat more than three sandwiches apiece.
    Some of these sound like Dub rules, come to think of it!
  • Aztec

    Y'know I have friends that live in Kentucky and they'd be mighty surprised to know that they need to bath at least once a year. I'm pretty sure they do it at least once a day.... ~Az

  • Stephanus

    Your friends would be in trouble if they lived in Boston, Aztec. There, it is against the law to bathe more than once a week!

    Here're some more, from :

    M assachusetts: All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday.
    U rbana, Illinois: A monster is not allowed within the city limits.
    O maha, Nebraska: Sneezing or burping is illegal during a church service.
    B oston, Massachusetts: An old law prohibits the taking of baths on Sunday.
    A rkansas: A law provides that school teachers who bob their hair will not get a raise.
    Again, some of these sound like they could have been made up by Dubs...

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