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  • shera

    I can't take it being tickled,all I have to see is a finger going towards my side and my body starts to buck like a wild animal. Even tho it doesn't cause pain,it is a very unpleasant feeling for me,I laugh at first,then I'm screaming to the point of wanting to cry and do bodly harm to the one who will not stop this torment to my body..LOL

    How does tickling affect you.

  • Gopher

    When it's done to that degree, I agree that it is a torment and that it provokes feelings of wanting to strike back.

    My body is mine, and I only want it touched when I allow it to be. Aggressive tickling is not humorous. It is an invasion of a person's personal space and is in fact, an assault.

  • shera

    Hmmm, I agree Gopher.

  • Loris

    I have always felt that tickling was a form of abuse. I react in a negative way when someone dares to touch me in that way. I do not find it even a little bit humorous. I feel attacked, violated. I have demanded that people stop with the tickling of my children. They look at me funny but I don't care. I thought I was odd in feeling like that. Thanks for letting me know that others feel similar revultion to the practice.


  • obiwan

    I love to tickle!

  • SheilaM

    Thunder tickles Makayla and she chortles and makes the funniest sounds but she loves it of course he is gentle. He is soooooo ticklish(note to people attending GB fest) can look at him and wiggle my fingers and he freaks.

    I myself HATE to be tickeled all my life my brother and sis would sit on me and thump my chest and tickle me I had asthma and would almost croak. My cousins did that too Thunder will only tickle me for a second he knows when I go from funny to wanting to strangle him LOL

  • shera

    LOL,my hubby doesn't try to tickle me any more,he has to worry more about flying hands and feet.

    Gessh Sheila,that would have had me totally nutts going threw that.I can't even be slightly touched in ticklish spots without spazing.

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