Why I hate the WTBTS

by Freedomrules 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Freedomrules

    10. My family loves the Org more than me.

    9. Women are treated like dirt. (where's that in the bible?)

    8. Constant talk of death as a child has warped me forever.

    7. I was treated like a leper in school because I didn't salute the flag or celebrate holidays.

    6. The WTBTS class system.

    5. Stupid rules, like no masturbation or oral sex. Since when is that in the Bible?

    4. I never got to love God, only fear him.

    3. I have no really special childhood memories, like bdays, or anything like that.

    2. Leaving the org was like being cast into a mysterious world. Nothing to fall back on because my whole life had revolved around the org.

    1. Having to live my life as a hypocrite.

  • cruzanheart

    (((((Freedomrules))))) All good reasons, my friend! Congratulations on breaking free!


  • kgfreeperson

    I don't have so many good reasons. My main one is that the org. wastes people's lives. Going door to door luring people into the org. isn't making the world a better place and that and going to interminable meetings sucks all the time and energy necessary to be who you are, discover your gifts and act on them.

  • unique1

    Wow that was a pretty complete list. Didn't realize you could get it down to a top ten, but you covered it. Good show.

  • doodle-v

    You're definately not alone. I grew up in the org and managed to sneak away two years ago. You've summed up how I've been feeling. Everytime I read their dogma presented as "wise and loving counsel from the faithful and discreet slave" it just makes me so angry. I just want to scream. They never "order" anyone to do anything. It's always in words like this

    "Wouldnt it be wise, then, to heed the counsel from the loving christian elders?"

    "This would be a disturbing blemish on one's reputation"

    "Allowing fleshly desires and worldy thinking to creep into our minds could lead to serious wrongdoing"

    "A sister in one congregation did (such and such)..... shouldn't we follow this fine example?"

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