Continuing--Imprisoned Ideas # 3

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    In the field of politics,the dispossessed dream of social order which shall be based on righteousness,a system in which men shall not exploit their fellowmen,in which each shall contribute according to his capacity and each shall receive according to his need.Upon this conception a political party is built.

    It gives battle,over the years to the existing order of things.As with the church,it is not long before the primary concern of the party is to sustain itself.Here again, any departure from the political creed must be repressed.The "party line"must be kept straight and dissent kept under.

    In the course of time,the party achieves power.By this time it is no longer led by starry-eyed idealists,but by extremely tough guys--who then proceed to use their newly acquired power to establish a stronger despotism than the one they overthrew, and to sew up all the holes in it that they themselves discovered in the old.

    What emerges is not freedom and social justice,but a more comprehensive and totalitarian control,used to maintain a new privileged class,which,because of the earlier experience of its members,id still more ruthless than the old. (To be cont'd )


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