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  • ADubsFriend

    It has been awhile since I have been on here, at least posting, until last week or so. You would remember me as Imissthedub. The dub and I are now friends. And only friends. I think of you and wanted to say hi. Also to Stinkypants, Mulan, NoIdea, and others...hi again.

    What happened to the chat? How come noone is ever in there?

    Where did so many of the posters go?

    Anyway, as before, I feel somewhat funny contributing since I was never a dub...a narrow miss indeed. But this board becomes addicting and I read alot here...it will help me with trying to eventually show my friend how screwed up JW religion is. I will probably contribute more often as I feel comfortable. I hope people don't mind someone who only has read alot about JW being here.

  • Brummie
    as before, I feel somewhat funny contributing since I was never a dub

    Hey dont worry about that, most of us have been greatly helped by people who were never a dub! JWS cant speak to us so you have an advantage in sharing the info you find here with them.

    Its refreshing to have a different perspective, a few who post here havent been dubs and each one is great.

    Good to see you back


  • Robdar


    Welcome back to the forum. I am glad to see you are well and hope that your adventures have been many.

    I have many reasons for not being in chat lately. The one I mention most often is that I have been very busy. Let's see, since we last spoke I have filed for divorce, engaged in property battles and taken a great job at an art gallery.

    Hey, drop me an email. Let me know what you have been up to. moonkissmi@yahoo.com. Put your alias in the subject line so that I know it is you writing to me.

    Again, welcome back!



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