Indianapolis 500/Indy Apostofest

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  • Elders_Kid

    Indy weekend starts in just three days!!!! It is one of the few weekends I really look forward to each year.

    Anyway.... My first question is... are there any predictions on a winner? Will Helio go for three in a row???

    Second... is anybody going to the race that would be interested in an Indy Apostofest? Or even just a quick hello?


  • little witch
    little witch

    Hi E.K.

    First, nice to meet you.

    I live in Owen County, so not too far from you. I would take you up on the apostate fest, but the traffic is horrid! Glad to know someone from my ''neck of the woods'' though! Keep in touch.

  • outnfree

    That would be so COOL to have an Indy 500 weekend Apostofest!

    It's a little short notice for this year (I'd be traveling from Michigan), but maybe planning it for next year so people can get race tickets ahead of time would be fun. You up for planning INDY 500 APOSTOFEST 2004, elders_kid?


  • Elders_Kid

    I goto the Indy 500 every year. I don't know if an official Apostofest would work there, but I wouldn't be opposed to a bunch of us meeting up and having a beverage or two on the day before the race. Getting tickets are never a problem, it is legal to scalp tickets there, and thats how we get ours every year.

    I probably should have thought about doing this earlier in the year, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying it next year. Feel free to e-mail me if anybody would be interested, and I'll try to figure someplace that we all can meet.


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