Clam or O Clam, what say you?

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  • carla

    Awhile back and friend and I were discussing all the new things going on in dubland. My friend does not post on the board much but we keep in touch on a regular basis for quite a long time now.

    Anyway, he has in the title of the pm OCLAM, I am thinking "oh good, another letter from my friend about language differences!" he can be a pretty funny guy in his letters and often comments or tells me about words down under that have different meaning than here in the US. But no, it was just about the new meetings. I wrote him back and told him I thought it was going to be about some sort of new expletive I didn't know about or something. Like when you hammer your thumb and yell "O CLAM!"

    So it tickles my funny bone now to hear about the CLAM meetings and can only think of OCLAM when I see it. How about you? should the acronym be CLAM or OCLAM? isn't it actually 'Our Christian Life and Ministry'.

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