Drugs description help?

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  • Brummie

    Anyone know what kind of drug/tablet is orange oblong and has the letter B on it? Or yellow round tablets that have 1c5 written in the middle?

    What are they and what is there purpose? Have been phoned by a worried mother who has taken these tranqulisers out of her sons pocket.

    Can anyone identify them? I've done a search but can find nothing so if you have seen anything like these let me know please.


  • Scully


    She should take them to a pharmacy and have the pharmacist check them. They usually have catalogues with photos of pills so they can match up stray ones like this.

    Also, drugs in pill form from one area (the UK, for example) can look very different from the exact same drug in another region (like Canada or the US). What I may think they are, according to my knowledge - based on Canadian and American products - may not be what they actually are.

    Love, Scully

  • Brummie

    Thanks a million Scully, these are UK products but I'll tell her to take them to the Pharmacy, dur I cant believe I didnt think of that!

    She is so worried he is going to overdose, he has threatened it. I dont know if these are drugs used by druggies or perscribed tablets that can be used for extracts, either way they were not given to him, he has taken them off someone else.

    (((S )))


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