Is my future mother in law Pimo?

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  • Addison0998

    So my Fiancé found out that his mom and sister, both baptized, went to a Halloween party last night, dressed up and everything, with his step dad, who’s not a jw. His mom hardly goes to the meetings or out in service, she’s quite inactive, his sister is a bit more active and serious about it. I thought it was pretty bold even for someone who’s not a die hard witness. She hid it from my Fiancé, probably thinking he might snitch on them on something, but he saw pictures of it on Facebook. He’s going to try to respectfully get her to open up about it, but who knows. Maybe she is justifying it, thinking it was just a party and she wasn’t celebrating. I am partly very happy and hopeful (maybe we will have family to celebrate holidays with after all) but also worried for her, the people who posted the picture have a public Facebook page so hopefully no one sees it, otherwise she will surely be disfellowshipped, especially for taking her young daughter too. Do you guys think she still believes in the jw beliefs? Have you ever seen something like this or done it yourself?

  • steve2

    On the face of it, your fiancée's mother seems PIMO but it really is hard to say. I've known JWs who at times have blatantly broken the organization's rules but when confronted about it, back-tracked big time. And, of course, we all know people who have even broken the rules to the point of being kicked out - but who eventually go back because at heart they still think "it's the truth".

    But, hey, anything's possible. BTW, of all things to celebrate, I thought Halloween would be way down the list for JWs because in their minds it's linked to Satan so it's worse than pagan.

  • dubstepped

    How would we know what she believes? It could very well be that she just succumbed to peer pressure. It could be that she's PIMO though if she's inactive I don't know how PI she is. Then again, you can't tell how mentally in she may be either. Lots of things happen that would surprise people and people are still hard core believers. There are too many variables.

    So you're still marrying this guy? You said she's your future mother in law but I thought you started threads about the guy and I thought you intimated that you were going to maybe go another way.

    It sounds like you're still really hanging around all of this stuff. Watch out, you may not be as out as you think. Sounds like you're maybe still going down a very JW path and about to get married into it even more unless I missed some changes with this guy you're engaged to. You see, this stuff is insidious, and you don't know where anyone really stands when they haven't taken one yet. It's a tricky situation. It's easy to find yourself in deep by continuing to go down these paths.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Mexican TJs (Testigos de you-know-who) are allowed to play with piñatas... it's a short walk around the taco stand to get from piñatas to dia de los Muertos, ¿no?

    So what is so damned bad about Halloween? Michael Jackson knew! NOTHING! Just good clean spooky sex with strangers!

  • Addison0998

    Yes I was going through a rough time and I was feeling pretty depressed and critical towards him, but when I took a step I realized that things with him were not as bad as I thought. I truly enjoy being with him, and we’ve spent ALOT of time alone, he is a very hard worker, and has the same values and beliefs as me. He truly understands me, protects me, and cares deeply for me, and I do the same for him. I know it’s a bit embarrassing that I made a post unsure about our relationship, but we have figured things out, and I am sure we will have a very happy life together, even if it is spent fading at first. This is the best way to do things for my personal situation, as we are buying a house together, and changing our lives a lot, it would be too stressful having another dramatic change in my life trying to drop out of the JW suddenly and have no support or social contacts at all.

  • Vidiot

    Lately, I've come to suspect that there are a shit-ton of PIMOs, who've got that way for all kinds of reasons.

  • shepherdless

    Sounds POMI, not PIMO, to me.

    I know a JW married to a wealthy unbelieving husband, who has big birthdays (no JWs invited), xmas decorations (supposedly only because her husband demands it), rarely goes to meetings etc, and does a few other things a JW is not supposed to do. But if you ask her a question or two, it is clear she is still a true believer. I suspect it is not that uncommon.

  • Addison0998

    @shepherdless good to know! Thank you

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