Associated Press Exposes North Carolina Cult

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  • zophar

    Associated Press Exposes North Carolina Cult

    Very thorough, and lengthy expose. Child abuse hidden not reported.

    "In one case involving two boys, she said she failed to report the incident “because it had all stopped, and they were serving Jesus, and I found out about it way later.” She also said that “because of ministerial confidentiality, I don’t have to.”

    In fact, there is no such waiver for clergy in North Carolina. Whaley is required to report even allegations of abuse and, they say, when allegations of sexual abuse arose within the church, Whaley not only didn’t report it but tried to hide it."

    Here is the link:

  • jaydee
  • Giordano

    Wow! Unbelievable. This is another case of people being seriously abused with beatings, sexual abuse etc. under the guise of religion.

    This woman would have made the perfect wife for Jim Jones.

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