Continuing-Imprisoned Ideas # 2

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  • Blueblades

    We may see this process at work in many fields.Let us take one or two by way of illustration.In the field of religion,a prophet,an inspired man,will see a vision of truth.He expresses that vision as best he can in words.He will not say all he saw.For every expression of truth is a limitation of it.But he will,so to speak,express the sense of his vision.

    What he says is only partly understood by those who hear him;and when they repeat what they understand him to have meant there will already be a considerable departure from the original vision of the prophet.Upon what his disciples understand of the prophet's message,an organization,a church will be built.

    The half-understood message will crystallize into a creed.Before long,the principal concern of the church will be to sustain itself as an organization.To this end any departure from the creed must be controverted and,if necessary,suppressed as heresy.

    In a few score or a few hundred years what was conceived as a vehicle of a new and higher truth has become a prison for the souls of men.And men are murdering each other for the love of God.The thing has become its opposite. ( To be cont'd )


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