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  • dogisgod

    I was thinking about how Paul was able to hijack Jesus message. He never met Jesus (claimed an encounter after Jesus death that affected his eyesight) . He was a persecutor of Jesus followers. Yet ,it seems he effortlessly took over and returned Jesus teachings to the patriarchal mode to the old Hebrew teachings. Was this because he was well educated in the Pharisee line of thinking and they were intimidated? Was he well established as a respected man of his times both in and out of Jewish culture. HOw did this happen?

  • Exelder

    Anybody who makes their name in religion are generally insane, egotistical, charismatic and make themselves and their message attractive to a whole load of brainwashed followers who are desperate to believe in something and be led.

  • zeb

    Paul got quoted so much so often i said to someone 'we should be called the apostle Paul society'..

    The writings of Paul (from my aging memory) seem to be the only accounts from the new testament the wt ever quotes from.

  • Phizzy

    Paul was an interesting character, maligned by some, usually based on writings in the N.T that were penned long after Paul's death, but claiming to be by him.

    Paul became a follower of Jesus just a few years after Jesus' death, so never met Jesus, but he did meet Jesus' brother James, and no doubt got his info on the Jesus message from James.

    Paul wrote his Letters, and died, long before the Gospels were penned, the Gospels being collated from info passed on orally.

    So where do we find the genuine teachings of Jesus ?

    Certainly Paul developed his own Theology/Christology, trying to explain his experience on the road to Damascus, where he believed the Christ spoke to him from Heaven. But to argue that he got it wrong in some way has to be based on some evidence other than the unreliable Gospels.

    The JW Org cherry picks what Scriptures it chooses to quote, but will often use ones from the Pseudo Pauline writings to enforce its silly Rules etc.

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