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  • kls

    I know there are bad feelings running here but it has to stop now.This forum and all on it are hurt in some way.I come here for information and a smile when things get bad.If it was not for this place i would not know all the lies of the wt or what they are pulling next.I finally feel i am not alone in dealing with a loved one in this cult and emotionly i am getting stronger thanks to you all.Everyone here is needed, you all provide information ,either emotionily or about the org. that may help someone.We are not the org.we are of group of healing and we need each other to stick together .I can see the trolls just loving this and instead of helping them get out of the org. this will show them we are no better.Please make this the loving place all want to join.We are all some of us have.Today is a new day,let's start over.PLEASE! kathy

  • JamesThomas

    Not to worry Kathy. This too, will pass. JamesT

  • Gopher


    I agree with you 100%, and I'm sure that most folks on the board also agree.

    When I got on board 2 years ago, the arguing and nonsense were even more egregious than what we've seen here in the last week. But it didn't stop me from joining.

    I hope people will just SKIP the threads they don't like. Let the threads that seem designed for trouble drop off the first screen.

    We're not here to choke the living bejeesus out of each other. Differing viewpoints should be expressed and respected.

  • Litebriterstill

    I agree Kathy. I log on for the same reason. I slowly faded away from the group and can't blame it on any one point because there were so many add ons through the years. I feel so freed with "Door to door no more." I was never much of a public speaker, I hated seeing ones beat their little ones into silence at kingdom halls. I came in back in 1984 and faded out 14 long, hard years later.

  • Introspection

    We're always starting over.

    "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around." -Vanilla Sky

  • obiwan

    Here,here I whole heartedly agree!

  • Goshawk

    Well said kls.

  • Jayson

    It's just a fire guys. It will burn itself out eventually. Better to get it out now and not have flair ups forever. You can bet that trolls with love it. So what? (they suck) It is not always going to be lovey dovey, there are some hawks here. God bless em both. A while ago I suggested people go fishing. I leave tomorrow.

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