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  • SheilaM

    I mentioned in my thread on Mother's day that my son bought me a book.

    Well, if you want a heartwarming, gut wrenching real story this is it.

    The title is tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

    It is about he and his professor who has ALS.

    I don't want to finish it because I just know I will bawl

  • Aztec

    That's a really good book Sheila! I loved reading it, even if it did make me bawl. Sometimes you need a good cry. :) ~Aztec

  • SheilaM

    Aztec: It is such a good book isn't it simple but profound

  • Mulan

    I read that book while my cousin, Sharon was dying of cancer. It made me much more conscious of all that needs to be said and done before the death of a loved one.

    I also saw Mitch Albom at a convention in Las Vegas that year. He spoke to our group, and it was very profound and moving.

    I would surely recommend that book. Wonderful!! Don't stop reading it makes you feel good.

    My favorite quote is this: "Death ends a life, not a relationship". Thanks for the reminder. I may get it out and read it again.


    Sheila, a very dear and close friend of mine died from ALS this past October 4, 2002.

    She was an incredible human being, rare...and I miss her terribly.

    She contributed to an on-line forum called: The March Of Faces.

    She wrote articles, and I kid you not, they were hilarious.

    I'm not sure, but I'm going to wing it:

    Look up Nina Neudorfer: she was one of the best friends I ever had (View From Here). There's a picture of her seated with a black cat in her lap, that's her. Pittsburgh's gift to the world.

    Click on her stories, they'll leave you howling with laughter. When I last spent time with her, she was weaker, but still endearing. But I could really make her laugh. She always got a kick out of my Canuck accent, and my crazy assed stories from Atlantic Canada.

    ALS is a disease/condition that often gets over looked. It is very insidious and can creep up slowly or quickly, rendering a once productive person, practically physically disabled and mute.

    Thanks for that post Sheila, I think of Nina, almost every second of my day.

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