a Mother's love

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  • dogisgod

    I have a dear friend who was raised by a JW Mom. Same cong as me however she was younger than me. She and her husband live and care for her 90 plus JW mom. The elders told her she could not marry her now husband because he is not a JW. So, my friend wrote a letter and got disfellowshipped. Just recently she had a serious medical scare which 2 months later was followed by a stroke. During all of this, not one JW has visited her in the hospital, sent a card, did a drive by or waved from a commercial aircraft at 37thousand feet. zip....nada. I find this so morally repugnant. When people are sick they need encouragement....not discouragement. Thru all of this her mother remains her biggest fan and support. She visits her everyday she can and sits and holds my friends hand. The love she has for her daughter is palpable. I told my friend yesterday that it is so good and encouraging to see the gigantic love her mother has for her. That her mother loves her more than she loves the man-made rules of her man-made organization. If all JWs would just wake up and listen to their love for their children the "shunning" rule could be changed overnight. When I made the observation about how much her mom loves her she said, "It feels pretty good too".

  • stillin

    That's beautiful!

  • LV101

    It's sad so many JWs are brainwashed and can't see the reality of the cult that causes so much pain, misery -- and death.

  • zeb

    they cant go visit the have meetings to prepare for.............

  • smiddy3

    Nobody loves you like a mother does except maybe a dog.

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