I found an old poem I wrote in 1983 (about Christianity)

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Rummaging through old boxes I happened upon a poem I wrote in 1983
    about (of all things) the history of Christianity!
    I don't know that it is worth the effort of transcribing...
    But--how could I deprive you all of such a strange poem, eh?

    In the beginning, the Pagans were winning
    the Romans were fomenting blame,
    Christians were tested in being arrested
    entirely because of their "name."

    When Rome was set burning, 'twas Nero whose churning
    out rumors brought Christians alarm
    Soon fed to the lions and even while dying
    would not recant braving such harm!

    Little by little, from death to acquittal,
    disciples, apostles deceased
    Until at long last, three centuries passed
    And Constantine brought Christians peace.

    Trajan ignored them, Domition abhorred them
    Decius forced them to martyr,
    But Constantine chose them--he would not oppose them,
    And legally granted a charter.

    That Emperor nourished
    the Catholics flourished
    the Empire converted en masse
    Provinces faced them, gave ear and embraced them
    Success through the ages at last!

    Alas, came young Luther to challenge uncouther
    than any had spoken before
    Debate was abrupt, "This Church is corrupt"
    His challenge there nailed Wittenberg's door.

    Bold reformations were sweeping the nations
    the Protestant rebels broke faith with their Pope
    Like nothing before the Thirty Years War
    split Europe and gave little hope.

    These hideous quarrels about Faith and Morals
    gave birth to the Conscience in man
    reading a Bible was certainly liable
    to uncover God's vast sacred Plan.

    So it came to pass, there was freedom, at last,
    to read and interpret the text
    Instead of a Pope, just any old dope
    could preach about what's coming next

    Sectarian visions created divisions
    fomenting the cults fertile sprawl
    A buffet of nonsense in purest of conscience
    competed for hearts one and all

    Lies were the business of Mormons and Witnesses
    Moonies, and David Koresh
    Bullshitting teachers like those TV preachers
    came strutting with smiles awfully whorish

    And so I was hooked and one day got booked
    in jail, off to prison for years
    Because I believed, was simply deceived
    and my life was two decades of tears.

    But friends, I woke up!
    I threw down the cup of Koolaid and joined in the fight
    Sounding alarm outlining the harm
    And that's why I bark and I bite.

    Don't listen nor fear anything you may hear
    from the lips of false teachers who lie
    Life is too short to tear people apart
    while promising sweet bye and bye.

    Love is the prayer for those who despair
    and all those who share will survive
    to a heaven on Earth
    and for what's it's worth
    it means truly being alive.

    God is our highest and best thought or feeling
    no matter what Name you may use
    Kindness to others is your "God" revealing
    it's not what men say
    --------what they do.

  • Joliette

    I like it ;) I write poetry too.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Thank you, Joliette. Grace us with your verse anytime.

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