Why were the Jehovah's Witness's doctrines an exercised commercialized fraud ?

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  • Finkelstein

    For over 140 years most of the WTS's doctrines had some core relevance to Jesus's return, the end times, the great tribulation and finally Armageddon, were these doctrines strategically devised to the WTS agenda toward literature proliferation ?

    I confidently think so.

    There are many examples of the religious publishing house creating proclamations or dates to these largely significance events. ie. 6000 years of mankind's existence used 3 times , Christ's return at least twice and a long list of dates or correlated to Biblical prophetic occurrences.

    Very few of the hundreds of Christian based faiths made these proclamations and not surprisingly they didn't have a publishing house operating at their central core activity.

    Nevertheless there are still 8 million people who are deeply indoctrinated by the WTS to think they will gain salvation through somewhat obvious commercialized false prophet.

    It makes one wonder why they didn't see the formulated corrupt structure of this religious publishing house in its inherent corruption, barring all the the scriptural instructions to stay away from false prophets, if they are selling charlatans or not . ???

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