Extreme Sports? Ever get counselled?

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  • shamus

    When a JW, I began to get seriously into mountaineering / rock / ice climbing. Somehow I escaped being counselled about it, by talking to an elder in advance of their finding out, and having a fit. (i.e. statistics prove that more persons die from unroped "scrambling" than mountaineering with ropes)

    Did any of you ever get counselled for "extreme" sports that you may have enjoyed? Keep in mind that to an elder that "skateboarding" was once considered extreme sports, and would love to hear stories about that!

  • Thirdson

    Hi Shamus,

    When I was 20 I was encouraged by a college friend to try parachuting. I gave it a try and liked it enough to do it a few times more including sky-diving. Within a few weeks we had a special needs item on dangerous sports and sky-diving was specifically mentioned. I had by this time quit but that was because of the time commitment. I took up down-hill skiing instead. That was more dangerous in my opinion but I never got counseled about skiing vacations every year.


  • Huxley

    I got more counsel for LOOKING like a skateboarder than skateboarding itself.


  • Wolfgirl

    I got counselled for riding friggin' roller coasters. 'You're not showing proper appreciation for the gift of life. You're taking unnecessary risks.' Blah blah blah. *rolls eyes*

  • Austrian

    A jdub friend I had was told by his elder/dad that in order to present himself holy to Jehovah that he could not skateboard anymore. His reasoning was if he got hurt he might not be able to go out in the field ministry. His father also tried to hint in a talk how our bodys were sacrafices to Jehovah and our youths should not paticipate in any sport or activity that could physically harm oneself. I think he meant we needed to live in a padded room reading the watchtower all day. What BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • undercover

    Roller coasters? Good God.

    Racing go-karts and riding motorcycles was frowned on by a couple of the more conservative elders. You never knew who would react how. One elder though was down right envious of my motorcycle. He said he wanted to get one, but his wife wouldn't let him. Guess that headship arrangement wasn't working out. Another elder questioned the safety of riding and was concerned because the youth in the congregation were fascinated by the MS(me) and his motorcycle.

    Snow skiing and water skiing were never outlawed from the stage but there were certain elders that would make snide comments about it when possible. Full contact football was counseled against. We had to start playing tag or touch football. We actually had more injuries from tag and touch than we did from tackle.

  • Austrian

    Our congo football games got switched from tackle to flag because of the elders too. And your right our injuries jumped up too

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