And then the phone rang .....

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  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Yesterday was kind of a bummer of a day. The sky was gray and it rained all friggin day. I had 2 jobs scheduled and neither went as expected. The mail arrived void of any checks for jobs already completed, and I foound out that I had to work today and would miss a motorcycle charity ride. Needless to say it was not a great day for me. I went to bed to nap.

    Sheila was stuck at the house because our son took the car without telling her. She's still bummed about not making honor roll at school, and her dog got into the trash and left her a mess to clean up. She was not having a great day either.

    Then the phone rang.

    I hate the phone. I hate talking on the phone. Sheila answered and it was "Razor" Ray, calling from the great white north. They chatted for some time about anything and everything. I heard her laughing and got up to see what was going on. I was happy to see her smiling from ear to ear and chatting like a school girl. I made some tea and listened in.

    Before long time came for her to leave and she handed the phone over to me. I hate the phone. I hate talking on the phone.

    I had only known of Ray from reading his posts on the forum. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have a thing to say and would come off as rude or ignorant.

    How wrong was I? Ray and I hit it off immediately. I found it easy to converse with him. The commonalities in our lives was uncanny. He knew many of the same places I do. He had experienced many of the same situations and emotions that I had in my dealings with the WTS. Before too long we were chatting like old friends. It was great. The crap that had made for a bad day before his call was banished and Sheila and I talked later of how much that call from Rayzor made our day.

    I think the forum has been a place of healing and validation to a lot of us. I find myself wondering sometimes how many of you are doing, though we've never met. I look forward to checking each morning to see whats going on with everyone. I feel like I have a wealth of friends here that want nothing more than to share stories, feelings and experiences, without the ulterior motives I was subject to when I was a dub. Perhaps you know that feeling of being totaly alone in the crowd. Myriads on myriads of strangers, that is how I always felt.

    Thanx Ray for the call.

    Thanx to all of you who have expressed an interest in Sheila and I.

    I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can.


    We don't feel alone anymore.

  • dottie


    You two positively rock. I love talking to you both and you guys are never short of advice when I need it. That's why I lovingly refer to you two as my cool aunt and uncle I love both of you like family and I can't wait to see you both in July at Green Bay.

    Many Hugs & Much Love to You Both!!!!!!

    Dottie...of the adoptive niece to Sheila & Thunder class

  • freedom96

    Meeting and getting to know new friends is cool, isn't it?

  • Mulan

    What a great experience. I can relate to your hating the telephone. Dave is the same way.............when it rings he will let it go to the answering machine unless he knows it's a business call.

    I agree we have met some wonderful new friends here. I had the same feeling you did when we met Joy and Steve (Joy2bfree and Jst2laws) last summer at Princess' apostofest. So many shared memories, although we never served at Bethel. Sometimes you just "click" with people.

    I started your book this morning, Chris. Looks like it will be a good read!!

  • SheilaM

    I so agree with Chris, speaking with Ray made my day. He is a sweetie somehow I KNEW it was him soon as i heard his voice.Thank you Ray for caring.


    Freedom: yes, it is and we sorley could use some. Chris one good friend just moved to Atlanta.

    Mulan: I think you'll love the story. I could read it over and over.


    My goodness.....I'm turning red (blushing).

    Well, the feeling is mutual SheilaM & ThunderRider. Trust me, speaking with you both, made my night as well. So it did us all GOOD!

    I certainly hope to speak with you both again, in the near future. Even better if we all met in-person, I'm sure we'd have a blast!

    Best to you both, and your two children, always! Thanks!


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