Watchtower's Lying by Omission Tactic

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  • hawkaw

    I saw this post by Spannerintheworks and have taken the liberty to post it by itself as I think it is an outstanding and simple way to remember how Watchtower tells its flock that "lying by omission" (half truthing, theocratic war strategy) is okay even though to most normal people, it is but one of many ways to lie to another person. Spanner was nice enough to allow you to click on the underlined items for justification when he stated the following:

    Abraham asks Sarah to lie for him. 12:13 and 20:2 (And Isaac does the same with Rebekah) 26:7
    The governing body uses these little fibs as examples for JWs. Lying is OK if the lying is directed towards "worshipers of Jehovah" (Insight on the Scriptures, p.245). This is called the Theocratic War Strategy.

    Thanks Spanner.


  • minimus

    This is a subtle way to indoctrinate a new Witness into thinking that it's o.k. to lie to those that are not entitled to know the truth and to decieve anyone that the Watchtower Society views as a threat to the organization. When new ones are exposed to this type of thinking, it reinforces the superioity of the brotherhood, elders and governing body over anyone "worldly". It also emphasizes that JW's are entitled to think differently because "we have the truth". If everyone else is rooted in falsehood, we are not subject to them and we owe them absolutely nothing. And the best part of it is that we aren't even lying or fibbing. We are still being truthful before Almighty Jehovah God!!!

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