School for elders.

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  • asp59

    Just wonder what they teach in school for elders? They always have this schools don't know if it's once a years or more. Just wonder what they learn. Cause quality in congregation been declining years and years now. Thought idea with learning things is to improve quality in congregación.

  • iwasblind

    Last one I went to was 3 years ago.

    Total procedures focussed - always review the DF'ing procedure - every time.

    Very little shepherding - of course it is mentioned but if they exerted the same energy into - how can we help single mothers, or how can we help teenagers cope, etc that would be a different religion.

    Every Elder turns up with their note pad and elders book and they basically go through points using the elders book. Every one I went to mentioned the Pedophilia processes as well - stressing to contact legal department first.

    Of course there was the good dose of guilt and what more you can do.

    As an elder who really tried to serve and tried to follow Jesus example - I used to return from those full of self doubt and the feeling that I needed to do more.

    Pretty sure they have not changed much.

  • zeb

    from all I have experienced learned here and seen at the ARC they;

    • learn nothing about interpersonal skills.
    • learn nothing about 'small business accountancy' so they can handle the congs money in a sensible way.
    • learn nothing about really really listening to anyone
    • make no study of the life of the Christ
    • make no study of how Jesus related to people
    • learn nothing about previous wt f*** ups
    • Learn nothing about running soup kitchens or clothing assistance depts.
    • learn nothing about the emergency housing program.(er..pardon?...)
    • Learn nothing about the fact that all congs are registered as charities claiming tax exemption thereby.
    • Never discuss the number of kh which having been donated, built, expanded, upgraded are then sold off
    • and NEVER told where the money goes..
  • 2+2=5

    Contact the branch! Don’t tell the police!

  • iwasblind

    nice summary Zeb :-)

  • ttdtt

    I have been to many.

    I found that what I learned most was how LITTLE many Elders knew about the WT teachings and simple procedure elders were to follow.

    I LOVED when a prominent elder (who I knew was a self-righteous A-Hole) raised his proud hand when a question was asked, and then was embarrassed because it was wrong.

    Then I was horrified that these IDIOTS were involved in judicial committees and were not even following the basic rules, and harming people even more than the CULT does already.

  • DesirousOfChange

    wasblind says it well.

    More emphasis on DFing process than on shepherding or evangelizing.

    A lot is simply reading the Flock Book because most Eldubs have never read it (just as most have never read the Bible cover to cover).

    I think the main purpose is so they can tout that Elders are "educated" and "trained" and to make the Elders/MS feel special.

    Image result for isn't that special

  • asp59

    Thanks for anwsers. Seem to be a arrangement for dividing groups in congregation. Also as pioneer arrangement to make some think they are more special then others in KH. Basically to use as carrot for them to make more in service.

  • AverageJoe1

    The outlines are available on if you can manage to wade through reading them!

  • NewYork44M

    These meetings are all about procedures. I remember on talk about Account Servant procedures. The speaker simply read the step-by-step written procedures for collecting money and conducting the audit.

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