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  • cofty

    Really good read on Quillette today is an extract of a new book by third generation JW Amber Scorah 'Memories of Life at the Kingdom Hall - An Alberta Schoolgirl Waits For Armageddon'.


  • silas hobbs
    silas hobbs

    That is a great article by Amber Scorah.

    I read some of the comments and most were really good. One of them dealt with the way Mormons were similar to JW's in many controlling tactics that they use. I would just like to comment about the differences between JW life and Mormon life. On one hand Jw.s are allowed a very short leash to operate in , even less so now that higher education is demonized. Young Jw's who have a God given talent, either in the intellectual field or in another talent have to stifle it and carry on with mind numbing work of "field ministry".Imagine having all that youthful ambition to follow your passion only to have it quashed and villified by the JW heirachy.

    Mormons on the other hand have a much larger field to operate in before they meet up with any religious boundaries. Their Church encourages higher education even having their own university,where Doctors,Lawyers and Schloars are turned out. Another difference is their treatment of youth. In JW land youth is a barren wasteland of control but the LDS higher ups know that youth is the future of their Religion,they have organized groups from their own boy scout troops to organized sports at their Churches . Their children are nutured and valued for the most part where as JW children have the moniker of "We love you When......" This was a title of a KM 20 years ago which started a process of waking me up. Youth,,We Love You When you do certain things . The message was unstated but clear that if you failed to do the stated things you would not merit such love

    Just noting some difference that show how bad life in the JW world is.


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