1-2016 Circuit Overseer Mid week talk "Believe Inspired truth not inspired error" Crazy stuff

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I really wanted to hear if this was the talk that has been being given around here stating that things like "you need a college education" or "Armageddon is a long way off" etc are "inspired errors", but I can't stomach 30+ minutes of it. It just makes me gag.

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  • ttdtt

    I know this CO - he is a VERY nice guy, and he DID go to college. He does have a slight speech impediment though. But really a nice person.

  • Watchtower-Free
    This CO is not a bornin
  • stuckinarut2
    No sympathy for non born ins who rise through the ranks.....
  • MrTheocratic

    Believe it or not I'm happy you posted this talk. About a month ago we had the same talk given to my congregation and I was wondering if my C.O. was going off the outline or inserting his own ideas.

    When it came to the part dealing with the "end of the world" he paused and emphatically said "The End will come in your life time". I was shocked the org. would put something like that in the outline. Then I thought "who's lifetime was he referring to, ......the young people in the audience or 80 year old bro. Jones who is about to have heart surgery?"

    The C.O. in this recording did not take such liberties.


    I believe this talk is recycled from the "God's Word is Truth" convention. The speaker at the convention said, "If you don't believe the END will come in your lifetime, you have been decieved by inspired error."

    My first was, "Who's lifetime? Mine, my parents, the new born baby at my KH?!?!" These guys are deluded, mid-level, time-share salesmen.


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