Not a lot of young people

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  • Akid48

    I have look around and im counting 5-18 for young aka kids or teens We only have 4 includeing me that can think on there own and are teens.The only other kids there are 3 5 or to young to even think that there mom or dad are wrong on any thing.

    just wanting to know if any if any one see this at a kingdom hall.

  • jaydee

    Sorry, but you won't catch me anywhere near a King Dumb Hell these days to check for you.....

  • shepherdless

    I never attend, but my son (who no longer attends) said much the same thing. Some very young kids, a few young teenagers, and then virtually nobody between his age and his mother.

    On another thread, I set out a table using Australian census data, of JWs in 5 year age groups. There is an astonishing drop off in young people over the last decade. It must be wierd to be a young person attending a Kingdom Hall in Australia, at least, these days.

    Interestingly, when extracting census data, I noticed that Seventh Day Adventists in Aust had a lot more kids, despite being a much smaller religion.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I have friends who say they are in the AA group. They won't have children until after Armageddon. The more couples that think this way, the less you ones you will find.

  • sinboi

    Why do you think I hate to attend meetings? No KH here in my country. We meet in small groups. I was the only teen in the group.

    A year ago, I can still meet another 2 teens during the assembly. But now, they are in detention barracks for taking a stand on the military issue.

    There is another teen. An elder's son. A 'holier than thou' type of person. I can't click with him.

    He same school as me. He is the one trying to lord it over me in school. He is the one who tell his father I make a donation to the salvation army. He is the one that reported that I check out anti WT material with my classmates. After I DA'd, he is the one who tell ppl in school I no longer a witness....

    I like your avatar, Akid48...

  • joe134cd

    I used to do the attendance count. As I was awakening I also used to count by age. 2/3 were 40 and over while the 1/3 was 40 and under. There were 4 who were in the 18-25 year age bracket.

  • WingCommander

    Kingdom Hall AKA: Geriatric Ward soon-to-be Funeral Home

  • Akid48


    thanks I like yours to

  • punkofnice

    Akid - just wanting to know if any if any one see this at a kingdom hall.

    When I was young 1960' - 70's, I was the only kid really. There were others in other congregations but they were not my kind of people. They seemed a bit dim...sorry to sound arrogant.

    I grew up very lonely. I think that's why I have issues mixing with people now.

  • pale.emperor

    Last congregation i was in there was over 20 kids under 18. The rest are 30+ and the majority are 70+. Those kids will wake up soon enough.

    But the congregation i was brought up in now has only 1 person in their 20s. Everyone else is old.

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