Child sexual abuse major item in Dutch News

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  • jochie

    Last Friday Child sexual abuse was a major item in the 7.30 pm news by the RTL Broadcasting Company.

    The item can be watched here:

    (English subs available)

  • CitizenofEarth

    It seems that it will become a long process. I sincerely hope that they will get the justice they deserve.

  • redpilltwice

    Thanks jochie, I've seen it and it was better than the previous JW abuse item at Dutch national TV. This item was longer and much more in-depth. I wonder if many JW got questions during field circus the day after.

  • jochie

    RTL Broadcasting did there job well.

  • zeb

    well done RTL.

    So the Dutch Minister for Justice wants to have discussions with the local JW.. oh dear me.. I hope anyone reading this from Holland will direct the Minister to check out the jw responses on the Australian Royal Commission and do so in company of the brave people who went to his office so they can 'interpret' what is being said as to what the jw actually mean. and do this before he has any discussions with the local jw.

    They may come up with the wt 'child abuse policy'. If it is the same as the one I have it is a series of quotes from Awake! and other publications' but it is not signed by any principal of the org and the pages are not consistently numbered. It shows a staple mark in one corner which indicates a page removed perhaps.

  • menrov

    I agree with Zeb, it would be good to inform the Minister of Justice of the ARC proceeds and WT responses and behaviours. But I suggest to do this in a coordinated manner to avoid a mess and people or minister think "oh, it is the former JW's only who want to complain" or something like that. Anyone in NL interested?

  • jochie


    we have had a conversation with the Minister of Justice. We already know that it isn that simple.
    We have given some advise, we drawed attention to the ARC hearings and reports.

    But please don jeopardize our mission be acting in certain ways. There is a lot more I cannot tell right now, because of confidentiality.


    Just Keep Chipping away - !!!

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