Ever have a freaky experience with a non-JW?

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  • BornFree

    When I was dating a girl that was a JW, we had a really freaky experience. I took her back to her house one night and her neighbor friend was out in the front yard with her boyfriend. He had just fainted for no apparent reason and was lying on the ground, and was slowly coming to. We were all stanging over him talking to him to try to keep him awake, and my girlfriend passed out right there! So I carried her into her place and she finally came to a couple minutes later and she was totally freaked out. Her parents weren't home, which made it worse for her. She thought that she was under attack by Satan and she wanted me to find her Bible (I had mine handy, but mine was the King James version so it wouldn't do for her) and she wanted to read something from it to comfort her. She was REALLY freaked out. She said she felt some dark presence or something. I didn't sense a thing. Weird.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience, or something of that nature they would like to share?


  • mackey

    I gave a friend of mine a copy of Crisis Of Conscience and she started up with the demon talk. She took It then sent It back without reading It. All I could do was shake my head. Friggin amazing.

  • liquidsky

    One time when i was at the district convention. Someone's child brought a smurf toy with them. Right in the middle a talk, the smurf got up and ran out. all buy itself!!!! Can you believe that!!! Freaky.....

  • crinklestein

    Hahah!! LOL!

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