Surface Pro question.

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    Does anybody have a Surface Pro, or some similar "satanic" device? LOL!

    I want to buy something that is a tablet, but has an optional keyboard for writing. Have you ever tried to write a story on an I-phone, using the "notes" app? It sucks!!

    Anyway, I want to kill two birds, so to speak. If I must attend an occasional cult-function for family reasons, a tablet is the way to go. I'm probably the only asshole carrying an Elder wanna-be briefcase around...screw that!! I want to be able to use it for creative writing, and I want a keyboard! I hate typing on a screen!!!

    Thanks in advance.

    DD 😇

  • someDUDEinAsmallCubicalSomewhereOverTheRAINBOX

    I don't know your budget, but we get our exec's this model (Surface Book) at my company and they seem to like it. It looks and acts like a laptop when no cheap, flimsy keyboard. But also detaches, becomes a tablet, and has a pen ect. It even wraps around like a notepad.

    Very nice...but sort of steep on the price for the nicer models. Just make sure you update to the latest drivers and Win10 updates...that causes the most issues with these things.

  • exjwlemming

    DD, I have tried Android and iOS for years. Currently, I have a SP4. It's a great device. I like having a full desktop suite for Word, Excel, and photo editing...ect. Also, it has the ability to run apps. Even though MS doesn't have access to the enormous amount of apps as Android or iOS, it has the key ones that I use. I paid extra and picked up the Core i5 model. If I had it to do all over again, I would have stuck with the Core m3 with just 128GB of storage and used a mini flash drive and micro mini sd for more storage. The battery life of the i5 is terrible...especially when using the internet....maybe 4 hours tops. I heard that the m3 easier on the battery. Rarely, do I need the power of an i5 to drive certain programs. It's nice to have the 8GB of RAM and the 256GB SSD though. If the m3 had 8 GB RAM and a larger SSD, I would have opted for it. I'm waiting for a real MacOs tablet that runs a full suite of El Capitan, but not thrilled about paying the "apple tax." I suppose that after apple maxes out the sales and profits of the iPad, a apple tablet with a robust OS will hit the market. Best wishes.

  • RobertT18

    I use a Surface Pro 4 and it works perfectly fine. I do a lot of design and programming at school and I use it every single day. The cult app does work too but it may be a bit behind when it comes to updates and new features compared to iOS and Android. Keyboard you can buy a type cover and it's probably one of the best keyboards you will ever use. Highly recommend it

  • Simon

    You can get a nice blutooth keyboard for any device, whatever the tablet. You don't need to get a high-end 2-in-1 to be able to type although a decent keyboard is a feature they have.

    There were lots of problems with the Surface when they first came out, maybe check they are all fixed (battery life, general stability)

  • RobertT18

    For Gen 1 and 2 maybe but 3 was an improvement and the latest model 4 is even better. I feel like the new guy in charge of Devices at Microsoft is doing an amazing job. Surface 4 and Book are quality products.

  • Simon

    I was referring to the Surface Pro 4. We looked at one for my eldest to have for university and glad we passed on them because there were tons of battery issues and flickering screens. They never 'slept' properly so were only lasting a couple of hours on standby.

    They may have fixed them with patches now but it was a shaky start.

    The Surface Book looked promising but there are some "duh" moments in the design. Like the keyboard wouldn't transfer power to the screen part when re-connected (my Android Asus did that years ago).I couldn't get past that hinge with the gap, LOL

    Ultimately, I don't like Windows anymore. It still has problems with things that in 2016 should be "solved problems" like high DPI screen scaling, sleep and drivers. With the Surface Pro, Microsoft couldn't claim it was the vendors fault anymore though.

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