"Meetings, meetings....

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  • zeb

    ..bloody meetings" --Dale Carnegie.

    I say this as my wife frequently returns from meetings in a bad mood and after any convention a worse than bad mood.

    I detect the same in others postings. Whatever the wt is spewing out it is not honey but vinegar. Me? Im going to bed with a book.

  • oppostate

    Zeb, you're right on. Same thing here.

    At the meeting all smiles and niceties, when finally home the smile turns into a frown, like someone smelling rotten fart and if I mention something negative about the 0rganization, forget about it, the fault finding begins. It turns personal and I'm apostate sounding and will reap what I sow.

    To the indoctrinated JW brain meetings must be like an addictive drug, first comes the high then the low--The WT's got a manic-depressive (bipolar) hold on the brain.

  • redpilltwice
  • Vidiot

    oppostate - "...To the indoctrinated JW brain meetings must be like an addictive drug, first comes the high then the low..."

    You're definately not the first person to associate fundamentalist religion and addiction.

  • MarkofCane

    Think back what you remember and felt about apostates?

    She goes to the meetings and all she hears is God will destroy those opposing him, God will kill his enemy's, Satan and his minions are toast. So we have become everything they despise, in essence she is sleeping with the enemy and your trying to destroy her faith.

    She is pissed because you become too wise in your own eyes, you think you know more than God's himself. You are no longer the spiritual man she fell in love with, the spiritual man that will lead her family into the new world, that would be at her side to rebuild a perfect society and live in perfect harmony along side God. The father and husband that will help reunite the resurrected with those grieving, that will teach those new one the grander of your creator and his promises. The man that will hold her forever and together explore every desire of your heart.

    This is what you have taken from her, this is the power of this Cult. This is what we are up against.

  • exjwlemming

    Zeb, I had experienced the same attitude for years. Assemblies were the worst. My ex was very lazy. It was easier for her to tear others down to feel better about herself and her service. As an example....At the assembly, she would hear an experience from the platform of a JW woman. She was a single mother raising a handful of kids, working full time, hemodialysis 3 times a week, and a regular pioneer to boot! Brothers and sisters, can you do more! What a fine example for us to follow! My ex had every day of her life free and did nothing. Did I mention lazy? Well, to feel better about herself, she would spend the ride home ripping on me about not doing enough, not spiritual enough, not reaching out for privileges, irregular field service and study, calling me a loser, wishing that she married a more spiritual man. One time, she even started striking me in front of the kids while I was driving the car. She was yelling that if I don't straighten up and taking the "troof" seriously that we all will die at armageddon. Nice childhood memory for the kids. Every assembly would have something that would set her off and push her over the edge. Finally, I wised up. She was bat-s**t crazy and I kicked her to the curb. I hope she gets her abusive JW elder husband one day. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

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