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  • punkofnice
    All I ask is a chance to give it a try.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Punk :-


    The Rebel.

    p.s your posts have great wealth.

  • MarkofCane


    I agree with your sentiments exactly. Residual income is how to build wealth, I'm a contractor, In my state when the economy took a dive we bought foreclosures many in my hall, where losing their homes or walking away from them after striping the equity out of them living above there means then, when there homes weren't worth what they owed, they walked. When they got word I was buying foreclosures they criticized, that I should be pioneering because the economy crashing was a sign that the political system was next and this system could not last, I was putting my faith in the wrong things. Well here we are 10 yrs later.

    I do agree about not living a extravagant life, there's no need I have no one I need or want to impress. But we have what we need and we are all healthy. Family to me, is the most important thing, will always choose them over making money. Money = Tool is the best analogy, when you need it, it's invaluable if you don't have it, it causes a lot of hard work to achieve the same outcome.

    If I lose it all! I don't worry I came from humble beginnings, I will always remember how to be poor.

  • WTWizard
    Money will not make you happy if that is not what's restricting you from happiness. If you are missing something else, having more money will not make up for it. However, a lack of money can help make you miserable. About the only time money can make you miserable is if you are a miser--no matter how much money you have, you are still not able to enjoy any of it.
  • Alive!

    But the next day we did what I wanted to do and visited the " Tate" " The National" and " Portrait" gallery, we watched the street theatre, pickneted in St Jamses Park and marveled at the wild life , we also made a lovely movie as we walked around China Town, and Trafalger Square. This cost very little, and we all preferred the day.

    Ahhhh - now that is my idea of a perfect day but I would add an impromptu visit to a midday performance at St Martins in the Fields.....:-)

  • pepperheart
    i think its getting the balance right between enjoying your self being caught up in the rat race and never being happy with what you have got.lokking for happyness in money is a dangerous and daft thing to be doing always got to get the new model of somthing and always got to use the credit card for it and of course they cant save up for it
  • rebelfighter
    Money Oh Yes it can make you very happy but does it really make you happy. We had it all!! I was making big bucks 4 story colonial, nice new cars, 2 kids in the best private schools, a nanny and maid,oh and an abusive husband who did nothing. My clients were all treated as if they were my only client I had. Then on 6/1/2000 I got my wake up call. The doctor said you have cancer. In the next 12 months I beat cancer, kicked the husband out, fired 50% of the clients, sold the monster house ($4,000 amonth mtg) moved to the suburbs and devoted my life to my kids and being happy and healthy.
  • Simon
    More interesting is how have you found happiness not pursuing money? For many of us it's time spent with our child ...

    I like learning (and with programming there's constant change and learning) and solving problems, trying to come up with elegant solutions to things in code.

    Hanging out with friends and family is nice. We know a couple with small kids (baby + toddler) and they are a lot of fun. Ours are pretty grown up now so it's nice to bring it all back and "amaze" them with lame magic tricks and drawing skills. Kids are easily impressed - I probably have another 2 or 3 year window before I become lame and boring but right now they love me, for some reason I have to be the person to put the boots on, fasten the coat, read a story book etc... Something very special about getting unprompted hugs from kids. I miss that with ours - they are much older and morphing into adults / friends rather than dependent children.

  • rebelfighter
    My grandkids and I play chase through my house. Their mother freaks out. LOL, I call it look gram gram I am going to go get a piece of crystal in that room that I am not allowed in now it is time for you to chase me. Their dad, my son when he is here just plants himself in the door frame of the room that they are supposed to be in and states YOU need a baby gate.
  • smiddy

    I would like to be put to the test .

    To have more money than I could possibly spend in my lifetime , to see how I would handle it , and whether it would change me in any way

    If I don`t have more wealth than I could ever use , how will I truly know what kind of person I could/would be.?

    Then their is that little niggling thought.

    " Be careful what you wish for "


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