Jehovahs Witness found dead in Bali hotel

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  • Solaris11

    Warren Borsje an active 2nd generation Jehovah's Witness who made millions as a get-rich get salesman was found dead earlier this year in a hotel in Seminyak, Bali (reference)

    Reports given to the police confirmed Borsje appeared intoxicated prior to his death and needed assistance by fellow hotel guests to get to his room. When he didn't show up the following day to check out, hotel staff found him lying face down with blood around his mouth. An empty bottle of vodka was found next to his body.

    It has been since reported by Borsje's colleagues that he was battling alcohol addiction for years (reference)

    The following photo of Borsje's passport was taken by Balinese police for ID verification...

    Warren's body was shipped back to Australia and (not surprisingly) his funeral service was not held at a Jehovah's Witness kingdom hall but at a function center (Elwood sailing club), in Australia - (reference)

    Fellow JWs posted the following comments on Borsje's Facebook page expressing their hope in seeing him resurrected back to life on earth

    - "we know that your hope in the resurrection will help you find some comfort. Rev21:3,4 very very sad."

    - "Oh well - see him in paradise maybe?

    - "In the new world to come, you will laugh and marvel at all the fuss and fizz of the old world."

    See Warren Borsje presenting one of his get-rich-quick presentations...
  • JustVisting
    Poor chap, my condolences to his family and sailing friends.
  • LevelThePlayingField
    You can't take it with you...

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