Infant baptism in the JW religion, why is it harmful to young ones

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  • oppostate

    Baptism for young JW's is not the same as that practiced by other denominations, and it carries a lot of potential for harm. Getting baptized as a young person in association with the JW organization is harmful to young ones who as they are maturing, wish to exit from the clutches of this captive religion.

    When you see young ones, such as the one in the photo below, get baptized, doesn't your heart just sink, knowing the JW religion has caught another victim in its web of deception and abuse?

  • Finkelstein

    Hey ... hey wait whats this, Jesus was 30 when he was baptized, I haven't turned 1 yet ....... you bastards

  • Listener

    There is an article on JW org about puberty, which would generally be considered to be anywhere from the ages of 10 to 16 (but from the years of 8 according to the WTBTS. These are some of the points they acknowledge -

    The hormonal surge that causes the physical changes of puberty can take a toll on your emotions. You might even experience powerful mood swings.....
    While going through puberty, many young people also feel extremely self-conscious, as if they were being watched and judged by everyone....
    What you can do -
    Try to adopt a positive view. Really, puberty is a physical and emotional makeover that you need.....
    The bottom line: Puberty presents its challenges. It also affords you a wonderful opportunity to grow—not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.1 Samuel 2:26.

    Even through this tumultuous time the GB consider it appropriate for children to make a public declaration.

  • zeb

    I recall many times hearing the direction that too many were getting B at too young an age.

    The direction should have been made to the dragon class who were just so up themselves about having their youngest B. Then at a convention I see a little girl about 9 being B. WTH! another example of a 'spirit directed' org (!) being misdirected.

  • nicolaou
    Is that an official photo oppostate?
  • smiddy

    If that young girls parents are JW`s, they need a good kick up their backside and so does the Borg, she is far too young to make that decision and appreciate the consequences.


  • Alive!

    When I was in 'study'to convert mode, I was so impressed with the born in witnesses who told me that child baptisms were absolutely NOT on the agenda, it was a serious decision and not a bit like 'worldly churches'

    Today? Oh just stoppit JWS. Please.

  • jhine
    What they don't say , surprise , is that infant baptism in " worldly " churches ( don't get that title ) is not the same as signing your soul over to the WT .lt is a welcome into the church family . Later as an older person you can choose to be confirmed , in the Anglican Church at least .Yes, years ago traditionally confirmation age was young teen , but ,again , that in no way tied you for life to servitude to an organisation . lt simply meant that you could take communion , you are free to leave with no penalty whatsoever . Jan
  • Vidiot

    When I told my mom that Anthony Morris III was advocating child baptism, she said that it had to be his own personal opinion, and that the rest of GB would set him straight, or he'd be out (ironically enough, she used Ray Franz as an example).

    I'm not seeing it, though.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Baptism without full knowledge and understanding is the same as infant baptism.

    We are to follow on Jesus Christ's steps. At what age did he baptized? Alright then! Even though the Bible mentions that time when he was in the synagogue questioning the clerics, which meant he had love and appreciation for God, still he did not get baptized. He was a CHILD.

    Yet JWs have baptized kids as young as 7 years old!!! It is shameful!!!😡

    One of my big pet peeves of this religion.


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