Serbia: "Parents from hell sentenced the baby to die in a hospital" - Mon, Nov 27, 2017

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  • darkspilver
  • pomo6780

    Before jumping to conclusions, let me ask:

    For what reason did the baby need a blood transfusion? (The report isn't that clear)

    What sort of person would write "parents from hell" and "condemn baby to death"? Is this some sort of communist style writeup?

    How is 'the whole of Serbia' in shock when jdubs in that country would ignore the report, as well as others who would wonder why an obscure website presumes the whole country is in shock?

    Sorry, but next time try reports that have more clearer sources to back up a serious subject like this.

  • freddo

    Who jumped to a conclusion pomo? Simply a report.

  • darkspilver

    The story was splashed across the front page of a major newspaper in Serbia today.

    The population of Serbia is around 7 million. The circulation of 'Alo!' is around 56,000

    1-in-125 people buy a copy of 'Alo!' - which I believe is only a slightly smaller audience reach to The New York Times on a Sunday in the US.

    Plus there's all the family members and work colleagues etc who will read it.

    And the cover will be seen by many many more in newspaper shops and kiosks.

    Often the story, isn't the actual story, but the way it is told.

    The other two websites are hardly 'obscure' - they're websites of print newspapers.!

  • _Morpheus

    Really? This is 1980’s tabloid journalism at its worst.

    jw parents dont want their kids to die. They arnt “from hell”. If they took the baby to the hospital in the first place they wanted treatment and care.

    What they are is deluded by a cult into refusing a valid and accepted form of medical treatment, blood transfusions. That may indeed cost their baby his/her life and its tragic and heartbreaking.

    What is from hell is the russian media playing patsy for the commies and taking this opportunity to push forward the stalinist agenda of ridding the state of anything that interferes with worship of said state.

    I dislike the jw cult deeply. I hate the commie cult more. Its blood guilt far exceeds the jw’s having killed tens of millions more than the jw’s could ever dream. They keep in slavery and oppression their citizens on far greater scale than the jw cult could ever accomplish.

  • OrphanCrow

    Morpheus - Russia isn't communist.

    Modern Russia is not communist. It is a capitalist society.

    It may be correct to label Russia "authoritarian" or maybe even "totalitarian" (but I don't think totalitarian is the correct term really).

  • konceptual99

    Firstly it's Serbia, not Russia.

    Secondly, it is tabloid journalism but not indicative of a communist history, far more like sensationalist nonsense common to the worst of the Western red tops.

    Thirdly, the reporting is poor, sensationalist and undoubtedly unbalanced however the continued pressure that the WTS society places on it's adherents to make the stark choice between life and death even when dealing with young innocents such as this provides the perfect foundation for this type of story. It's the WTS that is to blame for perpetuating the cult mentality that means even parents of a new baby will put loyalty to doctrine as their highest priority.

  • _Morpheus

    Firstly, the former Yugoslavia was definitely russian. That yugoslavia (after being freeded from the communist boot) broke up into serbia is culturally irrelevant. I assume anyone smart enough to comment would have known that.. however im not supprised someone didnt. Many still carry water for the commies and are undergoing cultural change but old sympathies apparently die hard for some.

    Secondly i clearly was referencing AMERICAN 1980’s tabloid “journalism”, and derisively so. It was sensationalistic garbage written with ridiculous headlines to grab attention and get people to buy it to be entertained while standing in line at the grocery store. That article is a cut and paste from the national enquirer play book and thus i made my comparision. How you ever got the idea that i was somehow drawing a comparison to some form of Russian tabloid (that likely didnt exist in 1980’s russia) is suspect at best, but hopefully i have now corrected your unfounded and confusingly moronic assumption.

    Thirdly, dispite your confusion on the history of europe and its governance, we apparently agree that the reporting is poor, the article is sensationalistic and unbalanced. We also agree that the cult is responsible and that parents arnt “evil” per say.

    So aside from your lack of knowledge regarding the communists/totaltarian governmental history of yugoslavia (it was considered a model communist orthodoxy), im not exactly sure where we disagree or why why you fet it necessary to expose your ignorance in “firstly secondly” manner, but hopefully ive provided some clarification on european governance and american tabloid trash rags that the communist rag cited in the OP was clearly patterned after.

    Good day to you, sir.

  • konceptual99

    Good day to you too Morpheus.

    I have to question why my post displays any ignorance regarding the difference between Serbia and Russia. I am well aware of the history of Europe and specifically, in this case, the Balkan states. I certainly am fully aware of how Yugoslavia was a puppet state of the Soviet (by which we essentially mean Russian) post WW2 empire and agree with the sentiment of your political point however I am sure we can agree that geographically Serbia has never been part of Russia.

    Now you have explained yourself more clearly I can see the point of your post. I guess therefore we arguing a technicality regarding the political/cultural/geographic aspects of this story - the bits that don't really matter in the context of this thread.

    To that end, as you say, we do actually agree on the key issues.

    Hurrah for unity!

  • faithnomore

    Having lost someone to the blood doctrine it's heart achinly ever present in my mind many many many years, that if she would have been "allowed" blood products OR even whole blood she would be with me today.

    So although we have to take media at its word, most of us absolutely know what the blood doctrine has caused for many women, children and men :(.

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